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Get the Best Resume Sample for Your Profile

best resume sample
With an influx of applicants for every job vacancy, hiring executives spend as little as a few seconds on a resume when reviewing potential candidates. Instead of looking for what is written, they often look for what’s missing. As a job seeker, where does your resume stand in this context? Does it have all the information needed? Is it well structured? Is the language simple? Would it make the cut as the first choice? 

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The success of a job seeker, in converting an application into an interview call, depends on a customised resume according to the role and sector. Check out our selection of the best resume samples for job seekers in every category – for freshers and experienced professionals.
Resume sample for freshers 
Resume sample for freshers
  • Apart from reasons of readability, for your resume to be processed fast and to be the first to be selected, take a cue from this sample resume and keep it limited to a page. Draw focus onto your most proficient skills.
  • Proofread and copy-check your resume obsessively. Let a fresh pair of eyes look at it if you’re unsure of your own editing skills or are too exhausted.
  • Make sure your resume is structured for easy skimming, and is free of spelling, grammatical, syntax or punctuation errors.
  • Don’t have work experience? There are always projects you can mention that hold relevance to the role advertised. 
  • Take pride in your recognition and mention awards and certifications as well.
Resume sample for experienced professionals 
Resume sample for experienced professionals
  • For the experienced job seeker, communicating your past work accomplishments is vital.
  • State how your contribution helped the company financially in terms of savings or earning revenue. You can also bump this information right to the top, in the summary statement.
  • Use descriptive words (adjectives) such as “driven”, “passionate”, or “enthusiastic” to convey your professionalism.
  • The formatting style of your resume will speak volumes about your suitability for the role. Spend some time (and even money if needed) on a professional looking resume.
Resume sample for students 
Resume sample for students
  • Skills aren’t just learned or acquired during office experience – whether you have waited tables or taken your neighbor’s dog out for walks, some of the skills you’ll have can be transferred even into a big corporation scenario.
  • This one’s a mere cheat code – check out the job description and highlight the relevant skills in your resume. Having said that, don’t include something that you just don’t possess!
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