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Five Bad Excuses for Calling in Sick

By Roberta Chinsky Matuson, for Yahoo! HotJobs

At some point in time it happens to the best of us. We become disengaged with our jobs, boss or just life in general. Getting out of bed and making it to work feels like a job unto itself, and you wonder, “Why bother?”

Here are five bad excuses for giving in to the call-in-sick urge:

Your Job is Boring, and You No Longer Feel Challenged

Would you still feel like staying home if you were doing something to change the direction of your life? Maybe you chose not to return to school to finish your degree, so you have limited options. It is never too late to return to school. You can go part-time, full-time and even just weekends. There is also an entire world of online courses that knows no borders.

You Work for a Terrible Manager

You are not alone. According to a Gallup Management Journal survey of US employees, 24 percent of those surveyed would fire their bosses if given the chance. And as many as 51 percent of actively disengaged workers would get rid of their leader if they could. The odds are pretty high that if you left your company because of your boss, you would encounter a similar situation at your next place of employment. Do your job well, and it will not be long before you are promoted out from under this person.

You Are Unable to Meet Tomorrow’s Project Deadline

Most likely you knew days ago this would happen. It may feel better to hide under the covers, but others are counting on you to complete your part of the project. Show up at your desk and ask your boss or other team members for assistance. Try and do a better job of planning, so you can avoid this from happening again.

You Would Rather be Golfing

Who wouldn’t? Unless you are working for Callaway Golf Company, you are not being paid to be on the links. If you set your alarm for an early wake-up and get your work done, you will have plenty of time to play the back nine holes before the sun sets.

You Arrived Home an Hour Before the Start of the Work Day

Poor time management on your part should not result in other people picking up your slack. Put on a pot of coffee, eat something healthy and take a shower. It is your responsibility to show up for work.

If you are increasingly feeling the need to call in sick, then it may be time for a checkup. Schedule time off so you can reflect on the parts of your life that are no longer working. Think about what you can do today to cure whatever is ailing you.

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