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1 Developer
1.1 Job Purpose: Responsible for effective translation of software requirements specifications (SRS) of different modules of the NATGRID application into software programs, by performing coding & testing of the programs to meet the SRS and design specifications.
1.2 Key Roles & Responsibilities:
1.2.1 Responsible for translation of the technical specifications of the NATGRID application components into executable/deployable software pieces meeting the design-level objectives and performance level objectives.
1.2.2 Responsible for preparing detailed workflow charts/pseudo codes and diagrams that describe input, output, and logical operation.
1.2.3 Responsible for developing unit test plans, unit test cases, integration test plans and integration test cases.
1.2.4 Assist in the execution of System and Acceptance testing as per the defined plans. Support in load & stress testing of all NAT-STAR Solutions developed by the SIs to ensure solution capability & robustness.
1.2.5 Oversee proper version control and configuration management of all test objects developed and test environments used.
1.2.6 Assist in determining the proof-of-concepts of various solutions proposed by vendor agencies.
1.3 Required Qualification, Skills & Experience:
1.3.1 Skills & Experience: Experience includes research, teaching & independent consulting experience in relevant function/domain. Private sector employee with minimum of 3 years’ experience in IT function /domain.
Retired government employee who has worked at a Grade Pay of Rs 6600 and above, with at least 5 – 13 years’ experience in IT function. 2 years of experience software coding experience in a software services organization. 2 years’ experience in any Integrated Development Environment (like Websphere, Eclipse, Aqualogic etc.). Experience in software coding experience in writing codes for green field projects in the relevant fields like DBA, Software coder, Unix/Linux shell scripting etc.
1.3.2 Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in science/computer applications or technical qualifications like Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Bachelor’s Degree in Technology/MBA/or Equivalent.
1.4 Schedule for completion of tasks: 1 year.
1.5 Final Output: Software requirement specifications of various modules of the
NATGRID application.
*Mail your resume indicating the position applied for in the subject line of the
email to natdeveloper@nisg.org.

Please Note: 

1. Include Serving Govt Employees also for all positions.

2. Accordingly the deadline for receiving applications from Serving Govt Employees has been revised to 17.7.2013 while for others it will remain as 26.6.2013.


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