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Data Entry Operator Responsibilities & Job Duties

What Is a Data Entry Operator?

A data entry operator job requires one to be efficient in terms of managing the company database system. Their work includes paying attention to it on a regular basis and maintaining the records of the organisation. 

What does a Data Entry Operator do?

A data entry operator job basically includes an individual to do tasks that relate to collecting, entering, and maintaining the records that a company finds useful. Their job mostly requires them to use their fast typing skills and format the data required in a form that is useful. They also have to verify if the data is correct or not and ensure its trustworthiness, preventing any type of mistakes. 

Data Entry Operator job duties include:

  • Preparing data as per the source while sorting various documents
  • Using various equipment like a keyboard to record data
  • Verifying the accuracy and the truthfulness of the data
  • Ensuring that all the processing issues are resolved
  • Accomplishing the goal of the organisation by ensuring that their work is up to date
  • Reviewing the various errors and correcting them 
  • Keeping information confidential to save the organization from any security threats.
  • Entering customer data within the deadlines for smooth functioning 

Job brief for Data Entry Operator

A Data Entry Operator job is for a person within an organization who can basically type very fast. This is so the company has to ensure that they are suitable for the job and can have an individual like this to do all their data entry work. Data entry skills include entering data from one place to another and ensuring that it is correct by verifying the source data. 

The job of the data entry operator is mostly done by typing the data from physical documents. It can also be done by copying and pasting the necessary data from one place to another. A person with a data entry operator job has to ensure that they can type fast to get most of the work done within the proper deadlines given to them. They have to enter the data in a computer from where it can be used for various purposes. In some companies, their job is one of the most important to keep the data of the company safe and in one place where it can be easily found. 

Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator

  • They have to update and maintain the information in the database in a useful manner.
  • They need to make sure that the data they are collecting and updating is without any errors. 
  • It is among the skills of data entry operators to cross-check the accuracy of the data maintained by them with the help of the source documents.
  • They are required to collect the necessary information with the right type of coordination with the entire team. 
  • They have to fill out all the missing information with thorough research in order to maintain updated documents.
  • They need to make sure that they use a few of the data program techniques, which can be great for the organization. 
  • They have to ensure that they prepare a report to showcase in such a manner that it looks presentable. 
  • They are the ones who have to ensure data integrity in order to comply with the various company policies and follow them effectively.
  • A data entry operator job is for one who can be trusted to keep the data confidential and let the information secure. 

Requirements for Data Entry Operator Job

Here are the requirements for a data entry operator job:

  • A person perfect for this job must have had their high school graduation
  • They must pay attention to detail
  • They have to be good at their communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They should be good at multitasking
  • An individual must be experienced enough to get started with at least 1 year on their resume.
  • They should have a good ability to type fast, for example, 40 words per minute.
  • They must be efficient enough in their job to not require much supervision 
  • They should be familiar with MS Word and MS Excel
  • They must be good at research work and compiling data in bulk

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Average Salary for Data Entry Operator (City Based Tables)

CityMinimum Salary (per annum)Maximum Salary (per annum)Average Annual Salary (per annum)
Mumbai₹ 0.2 L₹ 3.0 L₹ 1.5 L
New Delhi₹ 0.2 L₹ 3.2 L₹ 2 L
Bangalore₹ 0.2 L₹ 3.2 L₹ 2 L
Pune₹ 0.2 L₹ 3 L₹ 1.6 L
Chandigarh₹ 0.2 L₹ 3 L₹ 1.8 L

These are the salaries which are average in some of the most popular cities. You can expect a more or less salary when you go for a data entry operator job in any other city in India.  

Key Skills Of A Data Entry Operator

This is a job that requires one to have the following key skills in order to meet the eligibility criteria:

  • They must have basic software knowledge that can help them record the data efficiently
  • Their skills to communicate via writing or verbally must be good
  • They should be able to concentrate for long hours in order to get the work done on time
  • They must be good at typing fast and meet the deadlines set by their superiors
  • Their typing skills must be accurate, and the data processed by them should be free of any errors 

Why pursue a career as Data Entry Operator?

Thanks to the era of the internet, it is very easy to get started with a data entry operator job. One has a lot of opportunities in this field that requires a minimum of qualifications. Hence, anybody can get started with a job like this. The minimum skills for a data entry operator are to get proficient in typing very fast and make it easy for the organisation to keep the operations running smoothly. 

It is absolutely a good choice for a career for someone who is looking for a temporary job or looking to work flexible hours that allow them an easy work-life balance. Such jobs are also good for people who want a minimum level of stress in their life. And it can also give one the benefit of improving upon their communication skills. 

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How to become a Data Entry Operator?

In order to have a data entry operator job, one needs to be a high school graduate. Other than that, they can go for an associate degree or a diploma in any field. They can also go for training to be able to have the skills of a data entry operator. 

Data entry operators are supposed to have the skills where they can type at least 40 words a minute. This experience of their counts along with their proficiency in using MS Word, MS Excel, etc. One can also get a data entry operator job by having some relevant experience in the field. They can get this job in any field, as theirs are the skills required in almost all industries. 

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