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What does a Computer Technician do?

What is a Computer Technician?

The role of a computer technician is to maintain computer equipment and provide support to anyone within an organization who requires technological assistance. Their duties range from performing routine maintenance to configuring components and software, to updating the system’s software. Besides creating technical documentation, they also conduct workshops that demonstrate how to utilize computer equipment. Many diverse organizations employ computer technicians, including educational institutions, health care companies, government agencies, and more.

Computer technicians may hold associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology or related fields, although this is not always the case. Computer systems and hardware knowledge are typically in high demand from employers, regardless of the candidate’s level of education. Most successful computer technicians possess excellent customer service skills and a keen sense of problem-solving.

What does a Computer Technician do?

Computer technicians have the opportunity to communicate with clients, identify issues with their computers, and fix them as quickly as possible, making it one of the best entry-level IT jobs.

  • Networking computers and other devices throughout a company.
  • To ensure the performance and independence of individual computers as well as those in a larger network, tests are performed on their connections and operating systems.
  • Installing fully protected programs that offer similar functionality to old programs on computers and uninstalling outdated programs.
  • As soon as updates are available, update computer software programs.
  • Researching and advocating for additions to company devices of new hardware or software updates, once those updates are released.
  • The process of identifying and correcting problems with hardware and software.
  • Computer viruses and other threats should be identified and eliminated, and data breaches should be prevented by taking measures to protect devices.
  • Engage in communication with peers and clients, as well as anyone else who may be able to assist with various tasks.

Computer technicians are kept busy with these and other responsibilities. Your time is often spent communicating with clients, troubleshooting issues, or researching new ways to improve IT operations when you’re not developing new programs or installing new devices across corporate networks.

Computer Technician job duties include:

When it comes to a Computer Technician job role, you might be required to conduct the following activities:

  • Assist with technical issues and provide resolution.
  • Performing routine maintenance on new computers and installing new software.
  • Updating and maintaining Internet security software is essential.
  • Make sure computer equipment and software are maintained to ensure efficient and secure operation.
  • Repairing computers and servers as necessary.
  • Testing and implementing new software packages for the organization.

Job brief for Computer Technician

In a computer technician job role, you have to provide remote support via the internet or on the job at a client site, assisting in installing and configuring software, hardware, and operating systems. They can also offer assistance when problems arise. One of the duties of a computer technician is to troubleshoot. When necessary, they reassemble computers for customers, install diagnostic software, handle software security updates to keep computers safe and ask different questions about the installed computer systems. To help a customer even when they are frustrated, you will need strong customer service skills and the ability to listen. A good understanding of hardware and software issues is important so that you can figure out what is causing them.

Responsibilities of Computer Technician

In a Computer Technician job role you have the following responsibilities:

  • In a Computer Technician job role, you have to diagnose and correct hardware issues, service, and replace parts when necessary.
  • Providing a link between the manufacturer and the customer when equipment has to be repaired by the latter.
  • In a Computer Technician job role, you have to set up and demonstrate the software and troubleshoot problems encountered by users.
  • In a Computer Technician job role, you have to install system updates when necessary.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting computer networks, cable networks, and wireless networks.
  • Setting up POP3, Outlook, and IMAP email accounts.
  • Virus detection, removal of malware, and installation of antivirus software.
  • Keeping backups of your files.
  • In a Computer Technician job role, you have to establish computer and peripheral equipment for web conferences and other events that involve the use of computers.
  • Providing maintenance and repair services for computer-related hardware, such as printers, projectors, webcams, and scanners.

Requirements for Computer Technician

If you are applying for a Computer Technician job position, you may need some of the following qualifications:

  • An undergrad degree in computer science or in a related field is required.
  • Expertise in computer and desktop support for at least 3 years.
  • CDAC A+ certification at present.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft and Apple operating systems.
  • Effective multitasking and prioritizing of projects.

Average Salary for Computer Technician(City Based Tables)

No.CityComputer Technician job’s average Salary/year
1Mumbai, MaharashtraRs. 591,000
3New Delhi, DelhiRs. 292,500
4Chennai, Tamil NaduRs. 300,000
6Kolkata, West BengalRs. 1,000,000

Key Skills

Identifying, troubleshooting, and fixing computer problems is the work of a computer technician, as well as maintaining and repairing computer hardware, software, and network/internet issues. You may need some of the following skills if you are applying for the Computer Technician job role:

  • Expertise in both hardware and software
  • Experience with LANs and WANs
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Data privacy and security principles are important to understand
  • Interacting well with clients, users, developers, and management

Why pursue a career as a Computer Technician?

Computer professionals work on keeping a company’s computers and network secure by performing maintenance and routine repairs. Taking advantage of the abundance of technology in everyday tasks presents a critical role for most businesses, increasing the need for skilled computer networking specialists. The demand for computer networking degrees has led many students to pursue coursework in this field. Here are some advantages.

  • The need for computer networkers exists in virtually every sector of the economy. Therefore, you can choose the industry you wish to specialize in as well as the place where you would like to work. 
  • The need for computer networking specialists continues to grow as technology advances. Fast growth in your field makes it easier for you to find the next job you’d like. 
  • You can choose from many career paths based on your interests and goals if you study computer networking. Among them are:
  1. Junior Network Administrator
  2. Computer Repair Technician
  3. Network Technician
  4. Desktop Support Technician
  • You can make organizations thrive by using your skills. Organizations need computer networks to secure and protect their data and computers. In addition, they must have networks to serve customers and grow their business. A career as a computer networker allows you to assist these organizations in all of those areas and more.
  • Experiencing new and emerging technology might be the right path for you if you’re a techie. Additionally, you’ll be exposed to new technologies as they’re adopted by your organization or employer as well as get to work with them daily. 

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How to become a Computer Technician?

For a computer technician to develop sufficient skills, he or she needs formal education. You need a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields to become a computer technician. Short-term certificate programs can also offer entry-level employment opportunities in the manufacturing and repair of computers apart from bachelor’s degrees. Further training through internships and apprenticeships in companies with similar profiles will also be helpful. The knowledge of hardware technology is necessary for resolving hardware issues in computers.

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