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A Father’s Day Tribute to Working Dads

Working dads? You might be thinking – but he’s just dad, and he happens to go to work.
But, dads have as much to care about for their family as moms do. Being a parent is as important to their identity as it is for working moms. And, this change of notions about fatherhood is more pronounced in the millennial dads. This Father’s Day, we shed some light on this hidden and yet largely present employee demographic – the working dads.

Redefining fatherhood ideals
Usually, it is a working mom who gets asked whether or not she misses her kid when she’s at work. Why would working dads not miss their kids or miss them any less? Earlier, dads would be expected to be present for the big events such as parent-teacher meetings, school functions, graduation ceremony and so on. But today, more dads are trying to set boundaries at work, to be more involved in the little things as well. Be it taking kids to the park, to the doctor’s, or even dropping to school, their connection with their kids is as close-knit as it is for moms. When you get to be a great dad, you get to be a great employee without regrets when you’re at work.

Performance metrics at home
All of us have performance review sessions to decide our progress at work. What about your performance as a dad? Build a performance metrics for your role in the family. These could be things like being part of family dinners, helping with homework, putting kids to bed, doctor’s visits and so on. This lets you figure out how many hours you put in for your kids and your family, enabling you to be not only a better co-parent but also a better spouse.

New-age dads working for age-old employers
According to a survey by Monster in the Philippines, about 54% of men claim they worry about getting the right childcare support. Moreover, 61% of working men say, they return to work after having a baby only for financial reasons. While this is a real concern, some employers have been evolving with the times. With more and more dads getting involved with parental and familial activities, the idea of working dads is getting attention. With gender roles changing for women, the roles for men – and therefore, fathers – are similarly evolving. To call fathers, working dads is to acknowledge that they are now more involved with parenting than ever before, and they face many of the same struggles as mothers when it comes to balancing work and home lives.

If you are a working dad trying to look for employers who are more progressive and understanding about the importance of a healthier work-life balance for others like you, explore your options on Monster Philippines.

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