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5 types of interviews to prepare for

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“Come by the office for a chat.”

This doesn’t mean come by the office wearing slippers on your way to the mall. Don’t be fooled! When you hear an invitation like this by a hiring manager, it’s still a screening for whether you are capable of the job. This ‘chat’ requires the same amount of enthusiasm and knowledge as a formal interview.

There are different styles of interviews a hiring manager may use to engage with you. Some of them can be a coffee, while another might be a formal face-to-face sit down, or a phone interview.

If your boss is catching up with you for a teh tarik downstairs to discuss an internal transfer, prepare for it in the same way you would for a formal in-office interview. Every job requires a different level of pressure, so different interviews will reflect that.

Regardless of the format, the ultimate goal is still to ace it and leave a good impression.

1. Skype interview
Wear pants. Despite the fact that the interviewer can only see you from the shoulders up, does not mean you are invisible. Dress as if you would in a formal interview. Without being in the same room as your interviewer, you will really have to amp up the enthusiasm – enough for it to be translated over video. Actively listen, nod your head, and ask questions to assure that you are engaged. The benefit of this is that you will be able to have notes in front of you so have your resume in hand and prepare questions. Don’t forget to smile!

2. The informal interview
Some companies consider the informal interview just to see if you’re interested. Recruiters will be assessing your communication and interpersonal skills, and want to get to know you better as a person. Be casual but mind your manners, and show your enthusiasm for the role. Talk about how your past experiences make you excited about taking on this new challenge. Despite the fact that you’re wearing jeans and in a loud place – speak as if you were in an office.

3. The internal interview
Internal interviews are done for employees who wish to undergo a lateral transfer. Despite the fact that you already work in the company, the most common mistake you can make is appearing too relaxed. The right way to approach it is to treat the interview as if it’s being done by another company.

Talk about your transferrable skills and show that you’re not just a one trick pony, but can actually transition across the business. Since you know the ins and outs of the company, use it to your advantage by giving answers that are well aligned with its goals.

4. The agency recruitment interview
The difference between an agency and in-house recruiters is that agencies are less likely to know about your role, and that obliges you to be very particular in explaining what your capabilities are. So, to ace this type of interview, go granular when talking about your experiences. Don’t forget to ask if there is anything else they would like to know or clarify, and be bold enough to ask how you’re faring out so far in comparison to other applicants. Follow-up a few days after so you can refresh their mind that you’re in the running for the job opening.

5. The group interview
This interview is a bit nerve-racking since you’ll be interviewed in front of other applicants. The golden rule is to stay calm and take on a leadership role. Listen to what others have to say and make the most of it when you have the floor. Since you’ll be battling it out with people who are also trying for the same role as yours, you need to be razor focused. Be observant and take notice of the good and bad traits your competitions are showing and reflect on your own performance.

You’re all set! Have any other types of interviews you need help with? Ask us on our Facebook Page.

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