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5 tips to help you switch jobs in 2017

5 Tips To Help You Switch Jobs In 2017

Are you no longer finding meaning in your current role? Sick of the daily grind where you are? Well, you’re in good company.

According to the latest Monster Malaysia poll conducted between December and January, 85% of respondents aren’t happy in their present jobs.

You might feel that you no longer fit in the role, or there is no future in your current company. Whatever the reason, all you want is to switch to a new job this year – and that’s okay!

However, this change would require some research, a bit of hard work and of course some clever tips to help you plan a smooth transition:

  1. Create a plan
    Simply knowing the ideal job you want will not ensure that you get it. You must be clear about your plan of action and how to carry it out. Make a checklist of things you will need during this transition (salary slips, updated resume, references). And if it’s been sometime since you’ve used your job-hunting tools and skills, now is the time for a refresher course. Consider spending some time on free online tutorials to update your resume and cover letter or learn tips to negotiate your salary.

  2. Identify transferable skills
    It is important to highlight the skills you can bring across from your previous roles in your job application. First, get an idea of what to include in your skills section by identifying the most sought after skills required in your new role. You could refer to job descriptions to get a better understanding of this. The next thing is to identify your existing strengths and match those with what your next employer might be looking for.

  3. Seek a mentor
    Switching jobs is a big life decision, and it might feel overwhelming at times. Find a mentor who can help you through this rough patch and guide your career path in general. Be it tackling a tricky assignment or wanting to talk through an interesting job offer that came through, there’s nothing better than having a mentor to help you out. A mentor can also help you by taking advantage of his or her network and connections.

  4. Customise your resume
    Your resume should be tailored so that you stand out as the best person for your target job. Hiring managers can tell when you have copy and pasted the exact same resume to multiple employers – they’re experts at this! Every line of the resume needs to work as hard as possible, showing how you meet the role requirements and have the necessary skills to do the job. It’s ok if you need to rip your CV up and start from scratch for each role you apply for.

  5. Run a mock interview
    Ensure you are prepared to tackle any tough questions on your career change by practicing your answers ahead of the interview. You must not leave out the most questions, such as ‘what made you apply for this role’, ‘why are you making this transition?’ Practice answering these with friends or peers who can give you candid feedback, so you can pick on any red flags that might crop up in your responses.


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