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5 tips to help you find job vacancies that aren’t listed

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There’s a ton of advice out there on how to navigate the job market. But how do you find a job that never got formally posted?

With over 80% of job openings going unadvertised, no serious jobseeker can afford to ignore this ‘hidden’ job market. A big reason for its existence is simply speed and convenience, as many managers tend to hire ex-employees of the company, people they have worked with in earlier organizations, or candidates found through internal referrals. Several companies are also using social media to find applicants without listing a position. From a job seeker’s perspective, finding those unadvertised positions gives you a headstart and improves your chances of being considered for the position.

Discovering these hidden jobs takes a little bit of luck and a lot of smart locating. These tips can help you blow the lid off it:

Networking, networking and networking
Networking is the basic way through which you can tap the unadvertised job market. Make new professional contacts and keep in touch all year-round instead of reaching out to them only when you need a job. And be sure to spread the word that you’re on the lookout for new and challenging opportunities.

Follow the news
Acquisitions, expansions and forays into new markets could all be indications that a particular company is or will be hiring in future. Follow industry news and keep an eye on emerging developments especially of the companies on your application list. The news will give you a good sense of the performance of the company and whether they are hiring or intend to hire in large scale future.

Submit your CV
Many companies encourage applicants to submit their CVs even though they aren’t hiring to create a resume bank. However, many of these organizations also use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) notorious for eliminating CVs that do not conform to a certain format. Submit your CV, but ensure that it is ATS-optimized to prevent it from getting junked by the ATS. Or get a professional CV done using our resume writing service here.

Contact managers directly
Even though it may not lead to a job immediately, calling and speaking to managers directly has the effect of putting you on their mind as a possible candidate. You can even hit them up on social media. This can turn into a great advantage when a vacancy does crop up later. Get a reference if possible but don’t hesitate to call even without a reference. Always follow up the conversation with a polite email saying how much you enjoyed talking to him/her and how you’d like to work for the company in future.

Make an effort to subsequently stay in touch through online or offline professional networking platforms.

Upload your resume on a job site
Recruiters often resort to searching job site databases when companies approach them for assistance with staffing. Uploading your resume on a vibrant and reliable job site like MonsterIndia.com not only allows you to surf and apply to jobs posted on the website (listed vacancies), it also allows recruiters to find and contact you for unlisted vacancies. Registering on a job site like Monster requires little time and can yield disproportionately high dividends, which is why it’s something we highly recommended.

Staying cued in to the hidden job market can open up new vistas in your career. It is especially important for people in senior management since these positions are seldom advertised. Build a wide network and have your ear to the ground. While expanding your network, remember to build genuine, meaningful relationships and make an effort to stay in touch and cultivate your contacts.

Take the first step towards conquering the hidden job market by registering here.


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