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5 Tips to Get Yourself Ready for Online Job Interviews in the Wake of COVID-19 Epidemic

COVID-19 and Online Job Interviews

Coronavirus (COVID-19) may have slowed the things world over, but that has not deterred companies from looking for new hires.

According to news reports companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon PageGroup and LinkedIn have announced to move to online job interviews for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Online job interview though not new is a good move to keep things moving while avoiding the threat of COVID-19.  It is reported that recruiters are finding it easy to reach out to prospective candidates as most of them are working from home and free from meetings and travelling.

As more and more companies are moving to online job interviews are you prepared to nail one? While online interviews are not that different from the traditional ones, but there are a few elements that you should keep in mind to better your chances of success in an interview.

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Here we list out a few tips to help you prepare for the online job interviews in the wake of COVID-19.

First, ask a few questions to help you understand clearly the format of your interview.

  • Is it a telephonic interview?
  • Is it a video interview?
  • What software/online service will I be using?
  • Is there someone asking you questions or are questions pre-recorded?
  • If pre-recorded, how many chances you may get to record your answer?
  • What if I face a technical difficulty? What do I do? Who should I reach out to?

Once you are clear of the format of your online job interview, make a note of the following:

Test your tech: Before the interview, make sure the equipment and technology you are using are in good shape. If it is a video interview, test your internet connection, audio-video quality, the software you would be using Zoom, Skype, WeChat Work…etc.   

Pick a good spot: Make sure your interview spot is well-lit and not noisy. Stay away from overhead lights during the interview if possible, better if you are near a window. It’s good if you decide your interview spot a day before the interview to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Dress well:  Though you are not meeting your interviewer in person (physically), it’s best to dress well for the occasion. And yes, don’t forget to smile! It helps.  

Be prepared: It is always helpful when you are well prepared. Make sure you have done your homework just as you would have in a traditional interview. Understand the role you are being interviewed for and keep follow up questions handy.

Body language: Sit up straight, smile and make eye contact. Small tips but as effective in a video interview as they are in a face to face interview.

And yes, given the time we are in, the best part of an online job interview is that you don’t have to worry about the handshake 😊.

No matter, which role and company you are being interviewed for, a positive attitude always helps. So, smile and everything will fall in place. All the best!

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