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5 things you should be doing during lunch

5 things you should be doing during lunch

Your lunch break is a great opportunity to not only nourish yourself, but also engage in activities that can enrich your life and improve your overall productivity and sense of well-being. Instead of wolfing your lunch down while you sit in front of your computer, taking a proper break can help you refuel and re-energise so that you can accomplish more in the long run, while diminishing stress and fatigue. Here are 5 options to explore during your daily mid-day break :

Engage in low-key networking

Building and maintaining a professional network is critical to success in any line of work. That said, finding the time for it can be tough. Use your lunch break to establish connections and continue to build relationships with other peers both inside and outside of your industry.

You could also try and set a goal to have lunch with a different person in your office at least once a week. Often times, we can be so caught up with work that we really never actually get to know the people we spend most of our days with, so take the time to get out of the office, grab a sit-down lunch and get to know your colleagues.


Besides the basic deskercise, the lunch-hour workout provides a fantastic energy boost and a sense of accomplishment for the second half of the workday. A regular workout schedule, in addition to promoting good health, has been shown to reduce stress and sharpen focus. You can do a short 30-minute workout and use the remaining time to have lunch. If the gym is far from your office, try running or cycling in the area near your workplace.

Do what you can’t do in the morning or evening

Use your lunch break strategically to catch up on those personal errands that can’t be handled before or after work, or on the weekends. But be careful that you don’t fit in too many personal errands into a break or you would just end up swapping one kind of stress for another.

Expand your knowledge

Why not use some of your free time to learn something new? Whether it’s an online course, reading an industry journal or listening to an audiobook, take the opportunity to acquire new skills you can use at your current job, or use to pursue a new career opportunity.

Take a deep breath and relax

You don’t need to be busy every moment of the workday. While it’s great to use your breaks to get more done, you also need time to de-stress during the work week. Some great ways to relax are meditation, taking a walk or just sitting in a corner of your favourite coffee shop with a good book. Take care of yourself so that you’re able to give your best.

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