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5 Pointers for Fitting into New Corporate Culture

The way the employers look for a “good fit”, you should also make sure that you can fit into the corporate culture of your new organization, especially when you are coming from an entirely new culture. Use your knowledge to evaluate and search out for good companies. Once you are at the right job, half of the battle ‘to settle down in homeland’ is already won.

Here are some more tips for expat returnees to fit in fast at a new job:

Don’t Compare
There is a common mistake most expat returnees do on their jobs and i.e. comparing their previous work culture to the current work culture. This leads to cribbing more and working less.

You might have come from an excellent corporate culture and find things a little less exclusive or the vice versa. But why to compare when you know you that you have to start a new life now. Every organization has its own set of rules and values by which it works. Your attire, your attitude, your experiences, your goals would have been definitely different previously. What used to make you happy at one would likely get you angry at the other now. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and work according to your current company’s culture.

Make a Good Impression
You may have your own apprehensions and anxiety; however, demonstrating small courtesies in the workplace can help you make good friends out of colleagues. Make sure you acknowledge and greet people by wishing them. Other thoughtful ways to identify others’ contribution is to send out a thank you note to colleagues or seniors who made you comfortable on job the very first day. Also remember to not to brag about your lifestyle or job in your hosted country. Many people even lie just to impress others thereby ending up knowing as a boastful person.

Believe You Can be Flexible and Adaptable
Since you have embarked on a new journey, you are likely to encounter obstacles. However, being adaptable and flexible can help you in coming out with flying colors. Push away the old working habits or customize them according to your new work culture. Be open enough to welcome new ideas and learn new things. Following such a living will help you make new friends in new environment.

Understand Their Values and Communicate Yours
Gain insights into the company’s values and rules to succeed and propel yourself forward in the right direction. These values are non-negotiable and are truly important for an efficient working. With the passage of time, you should also convey the values you bring along to get access to more growth opportunities on job and to create a meaningful environment around you. However, don’t jump off the guns the very first day or the very first month.

Communication is the Key 
You may find managing the things difficult and emotions running high. However, you can nip the problem into bud via communication. If you find communicating tough, get back to the basics. Listen to what others have got to tell you, adjust your style to try and connect. Take initiative to get along with people in your company irrespective of your designation. Remember, an ineffective communication can put your interpersonal relationships, your goals, your working strategies at risk.


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