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5 Incredible ways to find a job that matches your passion

You spend 5-out-of-7 days each week pursuing your career aspirations. No wonder, your profession is critical when it comes to pursuit of happiness at work. Ultimately, it is up to you to follow your true calling for a living. 
Here are 5 easy tips to find a job that matches your passion!
1. When in doubt draw a Venn diagram
Don’t let the simplicity of this method fool you. Drawing a Venn diagram can be a highly useful and accurate tool to help you find the sweet spot between your passion and career options. As an example, here’s a Venn diagram showing, what could be the ideal career option for an engineer who’s passionate about riding bikes.
job and passion
2. Stay in touch with your faculty and alumni
Your teachers often have a good understanding of your abilities, skillset and hidden talents. They even have a remarkable knack for knowing as to what career would be the best for you. They also have ‘useful contacts’ ranging from peers to ex-students; and can offer insights to help you find the right career. Alternatively, you can also catch up with your seniors during college/school reunion or keep in touch with them on social media to learn about new careers that go with your passion.
3. Start with research end with discovery
More often than not, you only know of the popular career options but not of the interesting jobs hidden within or around these popular professions. These are often the very jobs that do justice to your true passion – and you can know all about them simply by career seminars and job fairs which these days are quite common across most cities and metropolises. You can also take part in a Virtual Career Fair (VCF) that saves both time and money.
4. Join like-minded groups
A like-interest-group can be anything from a small group of people with a common passion – to a cult-like-organization spread across continents. Joining a like-interest-group will make it far easier for you to track down people who have managed to convert their true passion (which is the same as your own!) into a career success story. For instance, photography enthusiasts often group together and go on photo-walks with noted photographers – people who have ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to pursuing their passion for a living!
5. Talk to an expert 
Career counselors are experts in the fine art of job-matchmaking. Trained to discover people’s deepest talents using everything from casual conversations to scientifically designed aptitude tests – these are the ‘go-to-people’ when it comes to finding jobs that match your true passion. 
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