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4 unconventional job search tips

unconventional job-search tips
Did you know that one quarter (25%) of Malaysians are planning to leave their job in the next year? According to a recent Monster.com poll, another 28% only plan to stick around for the next two years – meaning more than half the local workforce are probably going to be searching for a new role soon.

How can you make yourself stand out when the job market is so crowded?

Job seekers are constantly bombarded with conventional advice to job searching – and for good reason; it works! But sometimes you’ve got to take a slightly less traditional route to stand out from the masses.

Here are a few ideas on an unconventional approach to getting noticed for the next job you want.

1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

You’re always told to “sell yourself”, “talk about your achievements” and “show how much you know” – but sometimes it’s okay to ask for advice and appear vulnerable. It can work in your favour to ask questions, seek advice and leave yourself open to being taught things, even in an interview setting. Instead of trying too hard to show how much you know, try and appear confident, but also eager to learn and aware of your weaknesses.

You can even take this attitude on board long before you apply for a job at a company, if you manage to network with leaders or other people who work there. Ask for their advice and get their thoughts on how you can make a better case for yourself at their company.

2. Create your own destiny (i.e. job)

If you have an idea of what your dream job is, don’t wait for it to become available on job boards – create it! But be warned, this takes some planning. Perhaps there is space at your current business to put a case forward for your role to change. Or maybe craft solutions for your dream company by becoming more involved in their products, services and general happenings. This could be through a blog (see point 3), or getting involved in discussions on social media where appropriate. What you’re trying to do is get noticed through a different avenue – so get creative.

3. Make yourself a thought leader

If you want to get noticed, take the time to work on a strategy that focuses on amplifying your own personal brand. If you are desperate for a job in public relations, for example, start talking about it more in a public setting. Write blogs, share thought and opinion pieces on social media and trending issues and topics, and make your opinions known in the right circles.

It’s not an overnight strategy, but it’s truly effective. Build your following, keep people engaged, and you will eventually find yourself getting noticed by the right recruiters or hiring managers.

If you desperately want to work for a particular company, show them you are a fan! Don’t go to creepy extremes, but become their biggest fan. Talk about their products, get to know them, review them, admire their work and share it around. You can also consider contacting the company directly with your thoughts (but do this sparingly, and once you have a bit of a name for yourself). Not only will it show the company that you understand their business and objectives, but also that you are totally loyal to the brand.

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