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4 signs you’re in the wrong job

4 signs that you are in the wrong job

There’s often an unwritten rule that everyone needs to love their job, especially when they’re drawing a huge paycheck. But in reality, there’s really no such thing as the “right” or “perfect” job for anyone.

If you think you’re stuck in a professional rut, or that your career development has hit the dead end, you’re not alone. But if you can’t seem to shake that thought off, consider the following tell-tale signs before you make the decision to stay or go.

You dread reporting for work
Are you constantly struggling to not call in sick on a regular work day, while having panic attacks every Sunday evening?

Everyone struggles with a degree of Monday-itis, but if you’re letting the thought of a new week plague your weekend, chances are that this issue is far from a simple case of Sunday blues. You don’t have to look forward to coming into work, but don’t have have to be working solely for the end of your work day and the weekend either.

You’re burning out
It’s perfectly normal for a long day at work to leave us feeling completely taxed out. But if your job has left you in a chronic state of weariness, where you lack the energy to even carry out regular activities like indulging in your hobbies or exercising, you might need to take a step back and call for a time out.

Feeling undecided about leaving your job just yet? You can start by dealing with the burn out to see if the situation improves before making that call.

You’re not proud of what you do
Do you get uncomfortable whenever someone asks you about your job? It may stem from the fact that you’re not proud of what you’re doing.

When this happens, it can also mean that you’re not putting your heart into what you do. This does yourself and your skill set a tremendous disservice.

You’re working only for the money
In the working world, everyone works to make money. But if you’re taking on something you’re not personally invested in, you could become a slave to the dollar and potentially hurt your career. The chase to earn more money is an endless cycle, if you’re not fulfilled by what you’re doing, it’s time you rethink your concept of work.

Find a job that aligns with your passion, or something you think you’re good at, and work towards getting better at it. This will make the money take home so much more worthwhile at the end of the day.

Change is often challenging, or frowned upon, because it involves moving out of your comfort zone. This also often becomes the reason people choose to stay in jobs, doing something they don’t enjoy. But if you’re going to spend most of your waking hours in an office, why not make make the most out of it doing what you love?


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