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4 habits that will lead you to burnout

4 habits that will lead you to burnout
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – but it may also drive Jack to the brink of burnout and the consequences of that can be lethal.

In today’s competitive jobs market, many people are overworking themselves, putting in 80-hour weeks and even taking their work home on the weekend. The intrusion of technology in our lives has made it easier for supervisors and colleagues to check in on us even after hours. But the pressure to close deals, meet deadlines and please bosses comes at the cost of spending time with family and friends and doing the things you love.

Under these circumstances, work feels like a burden and eventually your performance will suffer. Break the following habits, if you want to avoid a burnout at the office.

Not getting enough sleep

Some people can function on four hours of sleep – but most of us need at least seven hours of sleep to reach full potential. Working late on occasion is acceptable, but don’t fall into the trap of staying back late or taking work home every day. Try to reach home at a reasonable hour, eat a healthy meal and then do one thing you love before you hit the sack.

Being sleepy at work leads to shorter attention spans and more distractions. Worse, you may get caught napping at your desk.

Constantly checking emails

Technology and social media has taken over our lives. People spend a decent chunk of their time scrolling aimlessly on their phones. Without proper discipline, this can negatively impact your productivity, forcing you to work long hours. On the flip side, some workaholics compulsively check their emails and reply even after they’ve left the office.

Not saying no

Are you a yes man or a people pleaser? Many times saying yes to something is easier than saying no, especially if there’s a promotion or pay rise at stake. But if you’re too busy, or simply not interested in taking on something, you’ve got to be able to say so – even if it is to your boss or client.

We get that it can be intimidating to push back when it comes to authority figures – but finding the right approach to saying ‘no’ is key. Be honest, articulate and straightforward when you’re turning them down.

Here are some tips to change how you feel at the workplace.

Not exercising enough

Leading a sedentary lifestyle may not directly contribute to a burnout, but it certainly plays a part. It’s important to get some activity into your day. So, take a look at your schedule and slot in some time to do one thing that gets your heart rate up. If you’re not a fan of high-intensity stuff, then check out Monster’s tips to staying healthy at the office.

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