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10 most popular DB2 Interview Questions

Here are some of the popular DB2 interview questions and answers to help you in your next interview.

1. Speaking of DB2, could you define SQL Communication Area?

Basically, SQL Communication Area is a framework of variables which are updated after the execution of every SQL statement. Generally speaking, not more than one SQLCA is needed for any application that contains executable SQL statements.

2. Can you tell us something about DB2 bind?

So far as DB2 bind is concerned, it is essentially a procedure or method meant to induce accessibility to the general DB2 table. Apart from that, some of the fundamental functions of the bind include the likes of user authentication check and validation of general SQL statements.

3. Can you tell us something about RCT?

RCT, or Resource Control Table is basically defined as a module essentially comprising of such features as are consolidated through macros of DSNCRCT. The resource control table is functionally defined in the DB2 region.

4. Can you define data page? Or what do you think is its significance?

Data page, as the name suggests, is essentially is the region where retrieved data from the database are stored. Basically, then, the data page is nothing but a storage of information which may include the user, too. Inevitably, then, the data page is an intricate and pivotal aspect of database management.

5. Mention the possible advantages of PACKAGES.

First and foremost, it is cost effective. Generally speaking, it is especially helpful in that it prevents a mammoth collection of binds. Secondly, it helps you to avoid lugging a clumsy collection of DBRMS members for a single task. Apart from that, it is important to note that you can mitigate the intensity of fallback complexities with the help of PACKAGE. Additionally, since you can effectively control the consequence of complexities, you may conveniently venture to induce changes, irrespective of the possibility of potential errors.

6. As we know, it is not compulsory to avail of DCLGEN. What then do you think is the ultimate point of having it in the first place?

Indeed, it is not mandatory to avail of DCLGEN. However, it is important to not overlook the primary application of the same. For instance, the biggest use of DCLGEN is the detection of erroneous column names just before compilation. So basically, it is helpful in the mitigation of potential errors. In that way, DCLGEN is indeed beneficial.

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7. Consider the instance of an embedded SQL program. What do you think is SELECT never given preference?

So far as an embedded SQL program is concerned, it is important to keep in mind that SELECT is not preferred because the program might have to go through a strenuous modification should there be a minor change in the overall structure of the table. Secondly, it is equally significant to note that redundant columns might be retrieved by the program. Lastly, the concerned user would not have the scope to scan the index. These are the primary reasons why SELECT is generally not preferred.

8. What are the functions of the buffer manager?

The buffer manager is essentially helpful in the reduction of redundant physical input and output. Apart from that, it helps in the transference of data between virtual and external medium.

9. What do you understand by correlated sub queries?

Correlated sub queries are those in which the internal nester query reflects directly to the external query table.

10. Can you highlight one basic demerit of the PAGE level lock?

One of the most evident disadvantages of PAGE level lock is that the resource utilization increases proportionally with the number of updates.

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