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10 most commonly asked QTP Interview Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked QTP questions and answers to help you succeed in your next interview.

1. Speaking of QTP, what do you understand by the term action split? Do you think it has any functionality whatsoever?
So far as action split is concerned, it is one of the most basic aspects of QTP. As the name amply implies, it is chiefly used for the purpose of dividing a particular action into two parts in order to improve code reusability depending on the respective functionality of each.

2. Can you tell us how many types of recording models are there in QTP, and their functionalities?
There are three recording models namely: normal, low level and analog mode of recording. The normal mode is essentially the default recording model of QTP. The low level recording mode is essentially meant to capture the precise coordinates of each and every mouse stroke and keystroke. Lastly, the analog model is primarily performed likewise in that it records the keyboard and mouse movements in reference to the concerned application window. It is chiefly used for the purpose of drawing etc.

3. Can you tell us how does QTP identify or recognize an object?
Any GUI object is identified by QTP factoring in the respective properties of the same. To put it rather simply, QTP will identify and store the unique properties in the repository of the concerned GUI object. At runtime, it will compare the stored features with the ones on the application screen in order to identify the unique object.

4. What do you mean by descriptive programming?
As we know, an object is usually stored in the Object repository by the QTP. However, descriptive programming is a process in which you don’t store the object in the repository but mention what is known as the property value pair in the script itself. Essentially, it is important to keep in mind that the philosophy behind descriptive programming is to help identify the likes of dynamic objects.

5. Can you tell us something about the object spy?
Object spy is basically used in order to evaluate the runtime properties of the concerned application. Generally speaking, object spy is perfectly conducive to the method of descriptive programming.

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6. What is the logical name of a particular object?
Easily, it may be understood as the unique identification provided to a particular object by the QTP while storing it in the object repository. Eventually, it is the logical name of the object that will be used by QTP for mapping purposes.

7. What do you understand by test fusion report?
A test fusion report underlies the chief aspects of a particular test run. It is designed in a tree format. Each node in the tree provides the relevant details for the steps executed. Apart from that, it is important to note that it also furnishes screenshots and runtime data table for the test runs.

8. Can you highlight the functions of keywords view and expert view in QTP?
The two keywords include the major aspects of QTP. The view keyword is chiefly used for the purpose of displaying the respective test steps in a tabular form. Moreover, the keyword automatically generates documentation for the test steps, too. The expert view, on the other hand, is used for displaying the corresponding VB script for each and every test step.

9. What are the differences between check point and output value?
Check point, as the name implies, is used for verification in that it compares the current value of a property with the expected value of the same. The output value, on the other hand, is one derived during the course of a test run and eventually stored in some specified location in accordance with the need.

10. What is the QTP batch testing tool?
Chiefly, the batch testing is primarily meant for the purpose of running multiple scripts concurrently. The batch testing tool is a common and often used feature in QTP in that it saves a lot of time by effecting concurrent executions.

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