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Get Inspired: 10 lessons you can learn from our top articles of 2017

Get Inspired 10 lessons you can learn from our top articles of 2017

We had a lot of fun in 2017. We took a look back at all the most popular articles published last year and cherry-picked and compiled the best advice so that you can read up on last year’s best career lessons and get a good start in 2018. Our career advice helps both fresh graduates searching for their first big break and job-seekers scouting for new professional challenges at Monster alike in order to help you Find Better.

1. Cover Letters That Get You the Interview

The role of your cover letter is to get the hiring manager say: Hmm… You know what; I want to meet this person. To start, remember that a good cover letter is not a cover letter at all, but a SALES Letter! Let’s go through the process of building it now…more

2. Switching Jobs? Are You Ready?

We all see ourselves on a career graph. Sometimes we are content with where we are and sometimes, we are not, and so knowing when it’s time to move on can be a tricky task. To assist you in figuring out whether you had a bad day or are truly ready to move on, consider these questions about your daily schedule…more

3. How to write your first professional CV and Cover Letter?

No matter how many cover letters and résumés you’ve written, your priority should be to think hard about what the person reading your CV or cover letter actually wants to know about you. Do away with the gimmicks and chattiness and focus on what matters…more

4. Will your resume get you the interview call?

Think of your resume as the first act in creating your personal brand image. After all, your resume reaches the interviewer before you do. Yet, many people lose out on an interview opportunity thanks to a poorly written one. Create an image that you genuinely identify with –– it is a sharp world out there and no one is buying false niceties…more

5. Make each word count! Top 10 tips for a winning resume

A recruiter typically spends less than 10 seconds looking at a résumé. Therefore, don’t lie or oversell yourself, but get a competitive edge with tips from a Monster.com expert to make a resume shine in the heap…more

6. Negotiating your first salary

Getting your first job is like taking any major decision in life. Being aware of current affairs and industry trends can impress the interviewer – and can put you in a good position to negotiate your first salary…more

7. Text only CVs are gone! Here are 5 visual CVs to take inspiration from

There’s no question: You’re far more interesting than your CV. But can your CV catch the interest of the hiring manager? Check out the best-of-class visual résumés below for tricks of the trade…more

8. How to charge your career through endorsements

When you are job hunting, professional recommendations and endorsements often act as the silent yet decisive factor in landing the desired role. The new Monster Mobile app combined with Monster’s Professional Networking for Jobs assists you to build a professional network with your peers, alumni, mentor, recruiters and companies…more

9. 5 signs you need to leave your company

Quitting your job is never easy and can be a frightening thought at times. But it’s important to know when enough is enough. There is no reason to torment yourself for a company that you actually don’t really like. Maybe you even dread going to work? Well, then it’s time to go…more

10. Avoid the Top 10 Interview Mistakes

The best way to avoid the most common and dangerous interview mistakes is to think ahead and decide not to make them. Lying, being rude and complaining are definitely big no-nos. Keep it positive…more



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