Surveyor Jobs

5-8 years

10 days ago

Surveyor Opening And Vacancy

As surveying is backbone of any form of construction, surveyor jobs are available in plenty. Surveying is also used in transport, communications, mapping, defining legal boundaries, research and many other scientific disciplines

Surveyors basically help determine the placement of buildings, roads, bridges, railways, reservoirs, dams, various pipelines and retaining walls. They also establish the boundaries of legal descriptions; provide advice and data for GIS.

Surveyors must also have good knowledge in algebra, basic calculus, geometry, and trigonometry. There are many forms of survey; hence a prospective candidate must opt to specialize in fields like As-built survey, Structural survey, Topographic survey etc. which can result in better survey job opportunities. After graduation or post-graduation, registration or a license would offer brighter surveyor career opportunities. License can also be obtained by sufficient work experience under a licensed surveyor. Alternative career path is to become a lecturer or professor.

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