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Security Opening And Vacancy

Due to the importance of security in almost every business, security jobs are in high demand throughout the country. Almost every business requires security and the roles and responsibilities of a security guard differ depending on the type of organisation. There are many security companies in India offering security guard jobs, security officer jobs and jobs for field officers. Security companies are hired by banks, hotels, real estate companies, educational institutes, IT companies, function halls, gated communities, jewellery stores, retail stores and more.

Security guards are expected to conduct themselves differently depending on the kind of client, though the basic job remains the same. Top security companies in India such as SIS, G4S, Transcend Security Service and SISA Security provide many security job opportunities.

The job of a security guard is safeguard people and property. Security guards need to be vigilant and require theoretical and practical knowledge of safety training such as firefighting, unarmed combat, first aid and so on. Security companies provide job opportunities for field officers and security officers who are required to conduct regular training sessions with the guards.

Setting up security cameras, biometric identification systems, and conducting regular security audits are a fundamental part of a security guard?s job. Required educational qualifications may vary depending on the company hiring, their client and the rank of the security guard.

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