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Real Estate Job Vacancies

Are you interested in working for the real estate industry, but wondering what opportunities it holds? With recent developments towards the revival of the industry, real estate jobs have been receiving a lot more attention and growing demand. The introduction of smart city concepts, housing for all initiatives and similar projects, have added to job opportunities in real estate sector.

Real estate jobs in India range across three divisions of candidates – fresher’s looking to build a career in real estate, professionals in the mid-career keen on upgrading skills to climb up the growth ladder and finally employees aspiring for entrepreneurship and kick starting their own venture.

Whether you are in the early stages or senior levels, if you are looking for real estate jobs, having some quick insights about the industry always helps. That is what we provide in this article, so your search for real estate jobs can become a more resourceful and pleasant experience.

What is the scope of a career in real estate?

With several factors favouring the growth of industry, new opportunities and roles in real estate jobs have opened up for people who have passion for the industry and are willing to take their career forward.

From civil engineer jobs to architects, interior designer jobs to quality surveyors, facility managers to marketing professionals and sales executives, real estate jobs are open to graduates from a range of different backgrounds.

What qualification is required for real estate jobs?

In terms of educational qualifications, real estate jobs can vary in the expected requirements. Depending on what role you want to take up and what the day-to-day duties it involves, your qualifications can range widely. However, a basic school or college degree is common across all jobs.

What are various skills required for a real estate job?

When it comes to the skill set associated with real estate jobs, the same rule applies. Although, some skills would come in handy irrespective of what role you are in. We have combined some of the generic skills that you need to develop in order to be successful across all real estate jobs. Here they are:

Client Satisfaction – Whether it is interacting with the client first hand, or arranging tours for them through another agency, or providing the best rates, your customer servicing skills need to be top notch to succeed in real estate.

Executive functioning Skills – From negotiating with contractors to the customer, you must have excellent communication and convincing abilities. Time management and handling multiple responsibilities is critical to the field and so something that would be expected of you.

Knowledge about the latest developments in real estate – This means you need to keep yourself updated on a regular basis, especially if you have been working for long years so that you don’t get out of touch with the new-age advancements.

Which are the best companies for a job in real estate?

With such a wide spectrum of opportunities, and the rising urbanisation and commercialisation of cities, real estate companies have made a huge mark in different parts of the country. From residential properties to commercial estates and business centres, real estate companies have a number of specialty areas they have developed in. While there are many more companies beyond the list, we have listed out some of the prominent names for real estate jobs, in no particular order.

•        DLF Limited

•        Prestige Group

•        Brigade Group

•        Purvankara

•        Oberoi Realty

•        Omaxe

•        HDIL

•        Godrej Properties

•        Unitech

•        Indiabulls Real Estate

•        Ansal Housing

•        DivyaSree

•        Supertech

•        Prateek Group

•        Vatika

What are various popular roles you can find in real estate jobs?

Since real estate is associated with a number of industries for its construction to promotion and sales, real estate jobs have a number of roles you can explore.

Some of the most common roles in real estate jobs are listed below:

•        On-site engineer

•        Architects

•        Interior designer

•        Quality surveyor

•        Project surveyor

•        Facility manager

•        Electrical engineer

•        Sales executive

•        Sales manager

•        Business development executive

•        Virtual assistant

•        Real estate agent

•        Real estate broker

•        Loan professional

•        Leasing consultant

•        Foreclosure specialist

•        Licensed closing agent

•        Real estate lawyer

•        Real estate consultant

•        Real estate manager

•        Real estate investor

•        Property manager

Based on your skill set and area of interest, you can choose from these or many other roles in real estate jobs.

How do you search for real estate jobs?

The idea of finding a job is often intimidating and something that most of us do not look forward to. The unending applications and follow-ups are a long and exhausting process. Having said that, with a few techniques you can significantly enhance your job search and get you faster results.

Starting with a little research, you can first shortlist the companies and area of real estate that you wish to enter. For this, you can do some background reading on what the companies hold in terms of their vision and future plans. This helps you see whether it aligns with your own career goals as a professional looking for real estate jobs.

Next, make an adaptable resume. This simply means, tweak your resume in a way that suits the job description, without fabricating any information. The best way to do this is by choosing a profile that resonates with your preference and picking keywords from the job description an adding them into your resume.

Once you start applying to the real estate jobs you like, work on your email communication and interview rounds before hand. These are places where you can show you written and oral interaction skills, showcase a confident personality and win the job.

And lastly, register yourself on job portals online, update your profile and resume. You could also connect with recruiters and professionals from the real estate industry on professional networking sites. Additionally, send word to your friends and other acquaintances who may connect you with a possible opportunity.

Once you have a hold on these basic aspects of your job search, you would find yourself attracting more relevant opportunities. And, before you know it, you would find yourself in the real estate job that is not only meant for you, but also takes you closer to your career goals.