Pilot Jobs

3-6 years

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Pilot Opening And Vacancy

Pilot jobs are considered to be one of the finest and best careers across the world. There are umpteen number of career options as a pilot. Pilots are skilled professionals who can fly different types of aircrafts and helicopters. And these professionals are of two types: commercial, private and defence. Commercial pilots are trained to fly different kinds of airbus or aircrafts. They also fly private chartered planes or helicopters. And pilots who join defence forces are trained to fly fighter aircrafts.

Various industries having diverse career prospects for a pilot are civil aviation, defence, corporate aviation and agriculture flying. Some of the top airline companies who hire pilots are AirAsia, IndiGo, National aviation company of India, SpiceJet, AirIndia and Lufthansa. Minimum educational qualification for a pilot is higher secondary in math stream. Thereafter prospective candidates undergo training and require a license for commercial flying. However those who plan to join military need to clear NDA exam.