Part Time Job Openings in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is regarded as the engineering and textile hub of southern India. However, there are many more industries that have flourished here, ranging right from IT to hospitality. Undoubtedly, Coimbatore has many opportunities for job seekers, including part-time ones. Are you looking for a part-time job? Here are some frequently asked questions and their best possible answers to make your search successful: 

What are the best part-time jobs in Coimbatore for college graduates/freshers? 

The best part-time jobs in Coimbatore for freshers are online faculty, housekeeping advisor, content writer, data entry operator, graphic designer, video editor, Web developer, sales executive, back-office executive, programmer, insurance agent, and product delivery jobs. These are also the part-time jobs in Coimbatore for females for whom exclusive job opportunities also exist in the textile, hospitality, jewelry, and food industries. 

What are the common skills required in part-time jobs in Coimbatore? 

Whether part-time or full-time, any job will demand basic soft skills apart from the required role-based skills. However, part-time jobs in Coimbatore may not expect specialized skills depending on the project scope. This is especially true for freshers and college students. 

Apart from the technical or role-based skills, other common skills in demand in this city are communication, team and time management, language, organization, basic computer, and customer service. 

Where can you find the best part-time jobs in Coimbatore? 

You can easily find part-time jobs in and around Peelamedu, Hopes college, Gandhipuram, and RS Puram. This is perhaps because there are several shops and colleges surrounding these areas in Coimbatore. The best area to choose is the one between your home and college/office. This will help you to save both time and money. 

Still, we strongly recommend using an online job portal such as foundit to search for part-time jobs in Coimbatore. Once you register, all you have to do is search for the vacancies in your work domain by using search parameters such as role, qualification, job type set to part-time, and experience, if any. 

Using one or more of these parameters helps narrow the search results and apply them to the most matching jobs. You can even consider approaching a job consultancy in Coimbatore. No matter which medium you choose, it is vital to keep your CV ready. It should reveal your qualification clearly. 

How much does a part-time job in Coimbatore pay? 

The exact monthly payment depends on the job role, company, number of hours you work, and perks. A writer can get a minimum of 2 INR per word. A teacher is likely to earn at least 500 INR per session, while a graphic designer can get at least 5,000 INR per project. 

Similarly, a social media marketer can earn a minimum of 15,000 INR per project. The approximate earning of a part-time or work-from-home job in Coimbatore is likely to be between 200 INR and 15,000 INR. Kindly note that these prices are indicative. 

What part-time jobs can an engineering student take up in Coimbatore? 

Engineering students in Coimbatore can join a CAD or CAM training institute and then work for a few hours there. They can even take up an internship found through an online job portal, dedicated internship portals, or through the university. 

Apart from that, they can apply for the jobs of technical customer support, quality control inspector, online tutor, analyst, sales engineer, and associate engineer. To look for the currently available part-time engineering jobs, consider staying in contact with your engineering department and the university's financial aid office. 

Through the department, you are likely to get absorbed as a lab assistant to assist in the experiments with some cleaning work. The university financial aid office offers many part-time jobs with the surrounding stores and companies. It will usually have part-time work for students to help them pay their university fees. 

Are part-time jobs in Coimbatore genuine and reliable? 

Yes, they are genuine and reliable, provided you go through the normal hiring process. If you opt to go through a consultancy, do not choose the one that demands a fee. It is also recommended to do online research about the company where you have applied. These are the most effective tips to get rid of any scam or fraud. 

Which are the top companies that offer part-time jobs in Coimbatore? 

Some companies offering part-time jobs in Coimbatore are Edupeople, Cheran Group, Telecalling, Swiggy, Carolina Technology, Bismath, Saaragh Solutions, Wheelhouse Technology, Staffind, and Amphisoft Technologies. It is recommended to find the top companies offering part-time jobs in the city by searching them on foundit or any other online job portal and finding their ratings. 

What are the best WFH part-time jobs in Coimbatore and where can one find them? 

The best WFH part-time jobs in Coimbatore are online tutoring, content writing, graphics designing, web designing, and programming. Currently, right from the startups to the giants, many companies are offering WFH part-time jobs, due to which the mentioned ones are only some of the most desired WFH part-time jobs. To know which jobs are now under the WFH part-time category, look for them on an online job portal. 

Which are the best part-time jobs if you’re already working in Coimbatore? 

The answer to this question is subjective. Coimbatore has many part-time jobs to offer, which even working people can consider. If you are already working in Coimbatore, the best part-time job for you will depend on your availability, skills, and willingness to earn even in your time of relaxation. 

Your availability can be in terms of the number of hours or specific days, such as weekends. As a tip, consider freelancing in your work field and set its schedule according to your free time. 

Are there any part-time jobs in Coimbatore that you can work on weekends/in your free time only? 

Yes, there are such part-time jobs available. For example, you can take up a job of a delivery person or a server at a nearby eatery or restaurant to deliver or serve late evenings or during weekends. It is also possible to deliver couriers in shifts such as two hours in the morning and evening.