Part Time Job Vacancies In Bangalore

The southern city of Bangalore is one of the busiest metropolitan cities where employment opportunities for job seekers are aplenty. Bangalore tops the list of cities with 41% of employers who intended to hire freshers in the first quarter of 2021. 

As our economy bounces back from the damaging effects of the pandemic, companies across industries are resuming their hiring sprees. This positive shift also opens up ample possibilities for those looking for part-time jobs in Bangalore. The growing need for an on-demand workforce also complements the part-time employment space in Bangalore.  

Here, we'll answer some of the most sought-after questions on part-time jobs in Bangalore. 

What are the best part-time jobs in Bangalore for students and freshers? 

College students and recent graduates can find different kinds of part-time jobs that they can take in Bangalore. Some of the offline jobs students and freshers can find are working in logistics for on-demand apps and cashiers at food chains. 

Online tutoring is another great option for ones looking to apply their academic skills in teaching students. Students can also take up freelance writings gigs to supplement their income. 

What are the common skills required in part-time jobs in Bangalore? 

Most part-time jobs don't require a specific skill set for you to excel. However, as a thumb rule, most employers look for candidates with - 

  • Fluency in English and Kannada (if applicable) 
  • Exceptional communication skills 
  • Time management 
  • Attention to detail 
  • Adaptability  

Most employers require these general skills; however, some part-time jobs may require advanced skills like proficiency in Microsoft Office, accurate typing skills, and the ability to manage large sums of data. 

Where can you find the best part-time jobs in Bangalore? 

Finding part-time jobs can be cumbersome. While you can run a quick Google search, a job portal usually does a better job. foundit is the one-stop destination to find offline or online part-time jobs in Bangalore. With a consolidated yet dynamic resource to find jobs, foundit has listings of various part-time jobs from different domains, making the search much easier for you. 

How much does a part-time job in Bangalore pay? 

The money you make from a part-time job in Bangalore is highly subjective to the nature of your work. However, on average, a part-time worker can expect to make upwards of ₹10k a month. 

What part-time jobs can an engineering student take up in Bangalore? 

The scope of available part-time jobs in Bangalore widens for students with technical skills. Many employers need the right tech talent, but not on a full-time role. Some of the part-time jobs in Bangalore for students with engineering backgrounds are: 

  • Freelance software developers 
  • Math and science subjects tutoring 
  • Data entry jobs 
  • System repair technicians 

Are part-time jobs in Bangalore genuine and reliable? 

The job market is flooded with fraudulent job listings that trap unsuspecting job seekers. To ensure you are not one of them, find jobs with trusted and certified providers. For example, you can find verified part-time job listings on foundit. You can filter your search to look for employers who are actively hiring for part-time jobs in Bangalore. 

Which are the top companies that offer part-time jobs in Bangalore? 

Many startups in Bangalore are always looking for talented part-time employees to take up tasks. Apart from startups, many consultancies look for workers willing to take part-time jobs. 

Some of the companies offering part-time jobs in Bangalore are: 

  • Swiggy 
  • Zomato 
  • Dunzo 
  • McDonald's 
  • KFC 

Many multinational companies also hire part-time customer service representatives to propel their BPO operations. 

What are the best WFH part-time jobs in Bangalore and where can one find them? 

Some of the best remote, part-time jobs you can find in Bangalore are: 

  • Data entry operators 
  • Typists 
  • Non-voice process associates 
  • Bank tellers 
  • Computer operators 
  • Multilevel marketing 

What are the best part-time jobs if you’re already working in Bangalore? 

Juggling a full-time role with side hustles can be challenging. But not all part-time jobs are that demanding. Here are some of the part-time jobs in Bangalore you can take up while working a regular 9 to 5 job: 

  • Online tutoring  
  • Career counselling 
  • Marketing or digital marketing consultant 
  • Hobby and skill development 

Are there any part-time jobs in Bangalore that you can work on weekends/in your free time only? 

Yes! The idea of part-time jobs is to offer convenience and flexibility to work on your terms. Most of the part-time jobs we mentioned earlier offer the ease of working during weekends or when you have time. For example, data entry operators, telecallers, insurance agents, on-demand delivery executives, register handling at stores are some of the part-time jobs in Bangalore anyone can take up. 

With the job market getting back on track, employers are now starting to respond to job seekers looking for employment in any form. Part-time jobs not only offer flexibility to candidates but to companies as well. 

If you are wondering where to start your job search, foundit comes to your rescue! With a devoted section for job seekers like you, foundit has thousands of available part-time jobs in Bangalore for students and freshers alike.