Job Openings in Nagpur

Are you thinking of taking a job in Nagpur, Maharashtra? It is a good idea, as Nagpur is one of the swiftest growing metropolises in India. With the right application approach, it is easy to get a job in this Orange City. 

Before proceeding, you are likely to have some basic queries. Read on to know more about the jobs in Nagpur and resolve your queries.  

What kind of jobs are available in Nagpur? 

You can find almost all kinds of jobs in Nagpur according to your field of work. If you are an engineer, manager, account assistant, or office assistant, there are a few opportunities due to MIHAN projects, ongoing metro work, and some Bangalore-based companies. 

If you are a teacher, many engineering colleges are there in the city to offer teaching jobs. A few bond-based teaching jobs are also offered. If you are in the medical field, there are a couple of private hospitals offering Resident Medical Officer (RMO) duties. Even nurses can easily find a job here. 

If you are interested in taking up a barista job, you can easily seek a job in one of the several cafes in the city. If you are in the IT field, there are ample job opportunities, as several companies are settling under the MIHAN scheme. 

What are some of the top IT companies in Nagpur? 

Some of the top IT companies in Nagpur are Infosys, Persistent Systems, HCL Technologies, Hexaware Technologies, KloudData, Amdocs, InfoCepts, Lighthouse Info Systems, Excellon Software, GlobalLogic, Tech Mahindra, NICE Systems, and NVIDIA. 

Which are the best software companies for freshers in Nagpur? 

The term ‘best’ is subjective. Companies such as NICE Systems, Infosys, GlobalLogic, Persistent Systems Limited, and NVIDIA are known to offer the best salary package to freshers looking for an IT job vacancy in Nagpur. Similarly, companies such as Hexaware Technologies, KloudData, Infosys, Lighthouse Info Systems, and ICEICO Technologies are where IT freshers get a great scope for growth.  

How to get a healthcare job in Nagpur? 

Healthcare jobs in Nagpur are rising. Many corporate hospitals are settling in the city. The best way to get a skilled or unskilled job in the healthcare domain is to keep a close eye on the prevalent and upcoming hospitals in the city and stay in contact with them. 

Some famous hospitals to watch out for are Kingsway Hospital Nagpur, Alexis, National Cancer Institute, HCG NCHRI, AIIMS, and the American Institute of Oncology. 

Will Nagpur’s MIHAN project raise job vacancies in the city? 

Yes, Nagpur’s MIHAN project will raise job vacancies in the city. Usually, in India, the focus is on the industry to be developed, and then its infrastructure is built. However, this does not apply to MIHAAN due to its substantial delay. However, it is expected to attract 12 million people either via direct or indirect employment. 

The MIHAAN project aims at uplifting the economy of the under-developed Vidharbha region. It is split into two parts, an international airport and a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The latter encompasses an IT park, a health city consisting of hospitals, and a manufacturing zone having textiles, pharma, and food processing sectors. 

Some of the companies have already started settling here. Boeing MRO, Infosys, Lupin Laboratories, and TCS have become operational, giving rise to ample job opportunities. Many more companies are taking interest in this project due to which job vacancies are likely to rise. 

Where to apply for an internship program in Nagpur? 

The exact answer depends on your field of work. If you are looking for an IT internship program, Persistence Systems is highly recommended. Even PSK Technologies, an IT Education and Training provider is a great choice, as it ensures 100% job assistance after internship. 

If you are in the manufacturing field, an internship program from Mahindra and Mahindra is popular. Companies such as OSK Consultant, Pragma Softwares, The Career Hub, and Interns Android Pegasus Technologies and Softwares are known to offer summer internships to electrical engineering candidates in the city. 

How to search for the best jobs in Nagpur? 

Searching for the current job vacancies at an online job portal is the most effective way to grab the best job vacancy in Nagpur. You just need to shortlist a few job listings in your field of work and apply. Another option is to try through a job consultancy in Nagpur

For applying through any of these mediums, ensure that you have an in-detailed CV revealing your qualifications and experience if any. It must specify minimum qualifications such as the degree and related highest education. However, a few positions would need additional certificates. 

What is the average salary earned in Nagpur? 

An average salary of an employee in the city is around 3,11,000 INR. It also states that software engineers, mechanical engineers, and civil engineers manage to earn up to 9,80,000 INR per year. 

What are the highest paying jobs in Nagpur? 

The highest paying jobs in Nagpur are for accountants, finance and operations managers, team leaders, technical directors, electrical engineers, and software developers. 

What are the most common skills required in Nagpur? 

Both technical and non-technical skills are common. Apart from the certificates and degrees that exhibit your technical skills, you also need to have soft skills for filling a job vacancy in Nagpur. These are time management, communication, problem-solving, troubleshooting, and leadership skills. 

What additional benefits do companies in Nagpur offer? 

Well, the additional benefits and perks vary from one company to another. Most companies offer trainings, health insurance, education assistance, gymnasium membership, free transport, sick leaves, vacation or casual leaves, free food in office canteens, child care, and shift allowances. 

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are also providing work-from-home opportunities. If it is a government job, you can expect more benefits such as free medical services, an official car and chauffeur, free air tickets, free ration, suitable accommodation, and subsidized electricity. However, this would differ from one government job to another.