Job Vacancies in Chandigarh

Looking for a job in Chandigarh? You are not alone. There are many job seekers who want to build a career in Chandigarh, the garden city of India.

What’s the scope of jobs in Chandigarh?

And why not, Chandigarh is the new upcoming IT city of north India. IT jobs are giving new identity to Chandigarh but before the advent of IT jobs in Chandigarh, the city has a been a commercial hub and home to various large and small-scale industries.

Which are the important industries of jobs in Chandigarh?

The important industries in Chandigarh include that of basic metals and alloys, paper manufacturing, and machinery. Other industries in Chandigarh deal in auto parts, food products, sanitary ware, machine tools, pharmaceuticals, and electrical appliances.

How to find a job in Chandigarh?

There are many ways to find a job in Chandigarh. The easiest of them all is to sign up on a job portal like foundit. However, just signing up is not enough, you must upload your updated resume and fill in all the other details so that recruiters can reach out to you for relevant job opportunities in Chandigarh.

Job opportunities in Chandigarh are not only limited to jobs in private sector but Chandigarh being the capital city of two states, makes it an ideal place to search, prepare and apply for government jobs. If you are looking for a government job in Chandigarh, you should be aware about the job vacancies announced by Punjab and Haryana governments from time to time.

For those looking for IT jobs in Chandigarh and jobs in other industries like pharma, manufacturing and automobile, the city offers many opportunities. To get a job in any of the sectors, you should know the top companies in Chandigarh and keep a watch for jobs in top companies there. Below we have listed some of the best companies for jobs in Chandigarh.

Which are the top companies in Chandigarh?

Some of the top companies in Chandigarh are:

  • Infosys
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Quark Media House (I) Pvt Ltd.
  • IDS Infotech Ltd
  • Smart Data Enterprises (I) Pvt Ltd.
  • Virsa Systems
  • ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Mobera Systems Pvt Ltd.
  • Nectar Lifesciences Ltd
  • Paul Merchants Ltd
  • Rana Sugars Ltd
  • SML Isuzu Ltd
  • Steel Strips Wheels Ltd
  • Winsome Textile Industries Ltd (Winsome Group)
  • Alert Enterprise
  • Basware Corporation India
  • Carefusion Development Pvt Ltd
  • Code Brew Labs

Whether you are a fresh college graduate or a job seeker with experience searching for a job in Chandigarh, the top companies above provide various job opportunities.

Which is the most popular area for jobs in Chandigarh?

Mohali is among the most popular areas to work for in Chandigarh. It is being touted as the next Silicon Valley of the north. The government is also working hard to attract more IT companies in Chandigarh and to push the same it has come up with Invest Punjab like initiative that offers a Business First Portal that is a one-stop solution for IT firms looking for several clearances to establish a business in the state. To provide a strong push and to attract new firms, the government is also promoting the IT City of Mohali as an international IT City.

What is the scope of government jobs in Chandigarh?

Since Chandigarh is the capital city of both Punjab and Haryana, large number of government jobs are also available in the city from time to time. The government is a major employer in Chandigarh due to presence of three governments bodies - Chandigarh administration, Punjab government and Haryana government. A large percentage of Chandigarh's population, therefore, consists of work force who is either working for one of these governments or have retired from government service mainly armed forces.

Is relocating to Chandigarh a good option?

If you dream of working in a modern and planned city, relocating to Chandigarh can be a good idea. However, this should not be the only criteria for your decision. You should also get an opportunity that is in line with your career goals and a salary that matches your skills, experience and expectation.

Relocation is often a decision loaded with confusion. A clear mind and views of family and friends can help you take an informed decision.

On a different note, Chandigarh makes for an ideal base to explore nearby tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. If you are a traveller at heart and want to make the best use of your short and long weekends, Chandigarh is your place.

Bonus Tip: Before you decide to relocate, do check with your prospective employer about the relocation bonus. Many companies offer relocation bonus to candidates when they accept any offer to relocate and work in a different city.

How is the work environment in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is an easy-going city compared to other metro cities in the country and offers both flexible and fixed working options. If you believe in work-life balance, it is a good city to enjoy your week-ends. However, in terms of growth perspective Chandigarh may not have as many job opportunities as there may in Bengaluru or Delhi NCR.

What’s the salary you may get in Chandigarh?

Average salary in Chandigarh range between Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs per annum. For top companies like Infosys and Tech Mahindra average salaries are Rs 600,949 and 336,783 according to PayScale. Salaries in Chandigarh and other metro cities depend on various factors like the industry you are working in to your experience and job role among others. Another important factor that plays a role as to how much you get in an organisation depends on your earlier salary and your negotiation skills.

Chandigarh is a beautiful city and one of the best cities for a job in India. According to reports, the city was built as a replacement to Lahore after partition. If you get an opportunity to work in Chandigarh, grab it. All the best!