Job Vacancy in Bhubaneswar

 Bhubaneshwar is known for its tourism and educational importance. It is a hub for information technology and retail business in India. Back in 2014, Bhubaneshwar was said to be the best place for doing business in India by the World bank. The IT sector of Bhubaneshwar is continuously growing with the presence of major IT firms like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, IBM, Genpact, and many others.  

Since there are many employers, there are many jobs in Bhubaneshwar for freshers and experienced professionals. Read on to know more searching a job vacancy in Bhubaneshwar.  

What is the best way to search for a job vacancy in Bhubaneshwar? 

The best way to search for a job in Bhubaneshwar is via the foundit platform. You can access the foundit platform via the website or the intelligent mobile application. On foundit, you can search for jobs in Bhubaneshwar by skill, company, and experience. There are various filters on the foundit platform that lets you sort jobs by salary, function, industry, job freshness, and others. Many employers trust foundit for listing their job openings. 

What jobs are available in Bhubaneshwar for freshers?  

There are abundant jobs in Bhubaneshwar for freshers due to the greater number of employers. Employers always look for young and skilled individuals that can boost productivity. Various sectors in Bhuvneshwar have job openings for freshers like accounting, marketing, BPO, and engineering. Under the experienced search filter on the foundit platform, you can select ‘0-1 Years’ for viewing the job openings for freshers. Some of the top job vacancies in Bhubaneshwar for freshers are as follows:  

Which are among the highest paying jobs in Bhubaneshwar? 

You can search for high-paying jobs in Bhubaneshwar via the foundit platform. Currently, jobs are available in Bhubaneshwar that can offer you around 10 – 20 lakhs per annum. Some of the high-paying jobs in Bhubaneshwar are as follows:  

  • Tech Lead – Java  
  • Content Writer  
  • RTL Design Engineer 
  • Design & Verification Engineer  
  • Senior Dotnet Developer  
  • Executive Assistant  

What academic qualifications are required for different types of jobs in Bhubaneswar? 

The academic qualifications required for different types of jobs in Bhubaneshwar will depend on the job role. For freshers, the educational qualifications for jobs in Bhubaneshwar can be high school, under graduation, etc. For senior job roles in Bhubaneshwar, UG and PG degrees besides schooling may be required.  

The academic qualifications will also depend on the type of industry in which job openings are posted. For example, for a Java developer, an undergraduate degree in computer science will be required. A degree in arts would not help you in getting the job of a Java developer.  

The foundit platform allows users to filter jobs in Bhubaneshwar based on educational qualification. You can filter jobs that ask for graduate, undergraduate, and schooling qualifications. Under the qualification filter, you can choose subject-specific qualifications to view jobs that ask for a particular course/degree.  

Are there any decent jobs available for engineers in Bhubaneswar? 

The IT sector of Bhubaneshwar is one of the biggest in the country. A lot of IT companies have their branches or headquarters in Bhubaneshwar. Due to the well-organized IT sector of Bhubaneshwar, jobs for engineers are available for both freshers and experienced professionals. Some of the top jobs available for engineers in Bhubaneshwar are as follows:  

Will the cost of living in Bhubaneswar impact your salary and employee benefits? 

The cost of living in Bhubaneshwar is neither too high nor too low. The expected living cost for a single person in Bhubaneshwar is around INR 23,000, excluding rent charges for a month. The salary is always affected by the cost of living in that particular geographical location.  

There are job openings in Bhubaneshwar that offer 2 lakhs per annum, while some jobs offer 20 lakhs per annum. The employee benefits also differ from employer to employer. Overall, Bhubaneshwar is an affordable place to live and work. If you have the required skills, you may get a lucrative job deal in Bhubaneshwar.  

Has the recent COVID-19 pandemic affected the job availability in Bhubaneshwar? 

Yes, the job availability was affected during the peak time of the COVID pandemic. Currently, the COVID situation in Bhubaneshwar is better than in previous months, and employers have started posting job openings.  

Job vacancy in Bhubaneshwar is available as the workplaces are allowed to operate with limited capacities. While some traditional jobs were unavailable due to the COVID pandemic, the WFH (Work from Home) culture gave rise to new job openings.