Find Jobs in Bangalore : Job Vacancies & Openings in Bangalore

✅ What makes Bangalore a popular choice for job seekers?

When it comes to the work culture in the city, you would find that it is majorly influenced by the mix of personal cultural backgrounds present here. Due to the presence of so many small, mid and large companies offering jobs in Bangalore, the city has a workforce from different cities in India and abroad. Bangalore’s year-long pleasant weather is another reason why many people choose to move to this city. And, lastly, the city’s line of eateries and its many nearby tourist locations act as additional factors in attracting people to search and apply for jobs in Bangalore.

Which are the popular industries offering jobs in Bangalore?

Apart from job seekers in the information technology domain, aspiring entrepreneurs have a great scope here. Thanks to the many successful start-ups that have come into play, those looking for start-up jobs in Bangalore have high hopes as well.

✅ What is scope of startups jobs in Bangalore?

Some of the famous start-ups that have turned into big brands in India and outside have had their origins in Bangalore. Some of them include Flipkart, HackerEarth, BigBasket, Zoomcar, Practo and Swiggy among others. Today, these brands are highly popular choices among aspirants not just for jobs in Bangalore, but across the rest of India as well. So, whether you are looking to join an early-stage start-up or one that is now worth billions in revenue, there is something for you in Bangalore.

 Which are the top companies for jobs in Bangalore?

Being home to some of the top companies across industries is a major factor for attracting the top talent to Bangalore. Some of the most popular employers for jobs in Bangalore are:

  • Infosys
  • Google
  • SAP Labs
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
  • Amazon
  • BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Samsung
  • American Express
  • Wipro
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart

Google has recently announced, at the fifth edition of its Google for India event, that it is launching an AI research lab in Bangalore. This is an attempt to further the computer science research in India, where the focus would be on areas such as machine learning, computer vision, languages, speech, systems, and related others. These research drives would also resolve problem areas in healthcare, agriculture and education – probably leading to a number of new apps and services to help people out. On the job front, this would give an added boost to AI-related jobs in Bangalore.

✅ What’s the scope of real estate jobs in Bangalore?

Due to growth in employment and influx of non-local residents in the city, the real estate sector has had a rapid growth as well. Some of the top players in the real estate sector offering jobs in Bangalore are Prestige, Brigade and DivyaSree. They have major projects in residential, commercial and official spaces spread across the city, such as residential townships, malls, multiplexes, business parks and co-working spaces. Speaking of non-locals living in Bangalore, renting and leasing houses is a constant source of income among many Bangaloreans. Based on this idea was conceived another leading start-up, NestAway, that stemmed in Bangalore and has now earned itself a big name in other cities.

✅ What’s the scope of hospitality and tourism jobs in Bangalore?

Since Bangalore is located very close to multiple tourist spots on the city outskirts and neighbouring states, the travel and tourism industry has a fairly healthy space as well. Inter-state bus services are extremely popular in Bangalore, since a lot of people from nearby states travel to and from over the weekends. While the Bangalore metro is not as widely serviced as other cities, it offers significant revenue and contributes as another source for jobs in Bangalore’s transport sector. Uber and Ola are well-known employers in the transport segment as well, with a fairly high service frequency across the city.

Due to the presence of such a large number of working professionals living in this city, there are many online food service chains running successfully. Fresh Menu is an example of one such start-up in the online food service category that began its roots in Bangalore, and has today expanded into other major Indian cities. Food and hospitality have no dearth of jobs in Bangalore, for the endless chains of restaurants, cafes and breweries speak for themselves.

If you happen to be someone looking to indulge not in the technological domain of Bangalore, but in the creative field, you won’t be disappointed. A number of small to large creative advertising agencies, design houses and creative hubs have their offices in Bangalore. Even if you are looking to explore interior designing or architecture, Bangalore has an endless number of restaurants, stores, offices and homes that need creative interiors.

✅ How to search for jobs in Bangalore?

With so many possibilities for a job in Bangalore’s many industries, it is easy to get confused in your job hunt. Especially if you are just graduating and have no certain ideas for a career. One of the ways you can explore the ways of the professional industry early on is by joining internships or part-time jobs in Bangalore. You can do this while you complete your studies and once you step out as a graduate, you would already have some hands-on experience for a full-time job. Taking up an internship also helps you get an understanding on where your interests lie that you could turn into a potential career path. Of course, the course you choose has a role to play but coupled with your skills, you might end up being a good fit for a completely different path. Having said that, choosing a trainee ship under an employer in your chosen field is a good way to get first-hand industry exposure. This is where you get to implement your theoretical knowledge into practice, while learning from the seniors. So, when you finally apply for a full-time job, your chances would fare better than other freshers.

Even if you are an experienced professional in your field looking to switch to part-time or work-from-home, you have immense possibilities in Bangalore. Not only is it a great option for new parents but also gives you opportunities to explore other possible outlets in your spare time. Flexible working options such as these and freelancing are becoming increasingly popular among the current working generation. Hence, many top employers, having recognized this trend, are offering similar flexible working jobs in Bangalore.

Irrespective of the type of jobs in Bangalore that you’re seeking – part-time, full-time, freelance, work-from-home – one thing remains common to your job searching strategy. Networking.

Living in the digital age, it only makes practical sense to build yourself a professional network apart from your social networks online. The more people you know the more resources you have. Employee referrals are another way that companies get new hires, and most of them offer an attractive referral bonus too. So, next time you think of asking your friend for a possible opportunity they might know of, don’t shy away. They might have just been looking for you.

Apart from a wide network, it is always a good idea to have your online profiles uploaded on job portals. They not only send you regular updates about the latest job openings based on your preferred industries, job roles and locations, but also give you key industry insights along with helpful career tips and advice.

So, all in all, make sure you have all the right resources in place before you start your hunt for jobs in Bangalore. And, before you know it, the right opportunity shall come your way.