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5-8 years

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Home Based Jobs Opening And Vacancy

Till sometime back, home based jobs were a preferred choice of only a few but the Coronavirus outbreak had piqued interest in the home based jobs all over the world.

A home based job gives you the flexibility to manage your home without leaving the opportunity to earn and grow. In India, if you are looking for flexi jobs, you have quite a few options. You can search for part time jobs, part time home based jobs, home based data entry jobs, contract jobs, home based online jobs, home based teaching jobs, freelance jobs and home based medical transcription jobs among others. 

✅ What are the advantages of a home-based job?

Home based jobs have a few great advantages. They allow you to work at your own pace and you can be your own boss.

In the contemporary scenario, home based jobs have become a new trend in India, as this work format has taken off the burden from both ends i.e. employee and the employer.

✅ What is the scope of home based jobs?

With the advent of various portals that offer candidates to work on freelance projects sitting at their homes the demand for home-based jobs has incensed at both ends. Home based work has great scope today and in the near future. So, with advancement in technology, such opportunities of Home-based jobs have expanded its prospects and now available in almost every organization.

✅ What are some of the best home based jobs you can go for?

  • Affiliate Marketeer/ Referral Marketeer: Working as affiliate marketeer or referral marketeer can simple and interesting. This online home based job allows a candidate to make commission-based income. So, let’s say you have a blog or a website where you refer an amazon book or any such product and a consumer clicks on that affiliate link and buys the book on amazon then the company will pay you a certain percentage share of sale. This is the easiest way for most people to earn money as this doesn’t require any investment and just requires a laptop and an internet connection.

  • Graphic designer or Animator: This is a professional skill that most companies demand. Freelance graphic designers, web designers and content writers have great opportunities for home-based jobs. This skill is needed in almost all companies as most companies need creatives to fulfil their marketing and branding needs.

  • Baker: If you have a skill of baking and making good cakes, then you may turn this into a home-based job opportunity. This profession can be your full-time work or a side business. This may also give you an opportunity to enter into a full-time baking or catering jobs. 

  • E-commerce Sellers: Big e-commerce giants have given new opportunity to many people sitting at home. Now they may register themselves as an authorized e-seller and can start to earn their livelihood through this home-based job.

  • Blogger: Blogger’s are in huge demand by various fashion and lifestyle companies. As a blogger you may take up work as an affiliate marketeer and an influencer. This profession can be you full time job or a side business. To start this career, you may choose any interesting field and start making relevant content on any of the blog writing websites or social media.

  • Bookkeeper: If you have accounts knowledge and can work as a bookkeeper, then nothing like it. There are many organizations, that hire freelance accountants for their non-core activities and pay them well. Such jobs are mostly for people such as house-wives or retired accounts personnel. So, if you have the relevant skills then you can take up such jobs via online job portals.

  • Data Entry: This again is a great home-based job opportunity. Data is the lifeline of companies in present times and most companies look forward to hire potential candidates who may segregate and format the data for their analysts.

  • Content Writing: This is a great profile to work for. Most companies look forward to hire freelance or home based content writers to work with them on project basis. This profession is requiring effective skills and is dynamic as the content writer should have writing skills in fields such as legal, technology, fashion, medical, hospitality etc. 

  • Tutor: This is one of the most respected home-based job, a person who is good in academic knowledge can take up this as a full time or part-time profession. Being a tutor, you may either give lectures online or in a physical setting. This profession is one of the highly paid home-based job.

  • Social Media marketeer: Being a social media marketeer, you need to maintain the social media handles of your client. This is one of the strategic and operational roles. Many organizations hire social media marketing professionals and allow them to work from home. 

  • Multi-level Marketeer: Multilevel marketing is very popular now a days and allow people to earn great amount of compensation. This type of marketing is being followed by various product-based companies. Multi-level marketing allows an employee to first earn individually and then along with his team from the comfort of his home.

These are a few popular home-based jobs in India. So, if you are looking forward to make a great career with home based jobs then determine your skill, register yourself online and then ace your career. 

✅ What is the salary you can expect form a home based job?

Compensation for various home based jobs is based on the kind of job one opts for and also on his or her skill, experience. Most people find jobs easily and get good salary which they find satisfying. Usually companies provide candidates good pay packages and perks to keep them motivated.