Event Management Jobs

3-6 years

11 days ago

Event Management Opening And Vacancy

An event management job would mean looking the management of the staff which is accountable for event coordination undertakings. The candidate applying for an event management job will have to coordinate details of a myriad dos ranging from birthdays to conferences to simple or lavish weddings, anniversaries, charity initiatives, surprise parties, sales conferences, trade shows, thematic meetings, business meetings, employee appreciation events and other events even ones like virtual events. The event management job aspirant will be required to hire as well as train and educate staff on proper event procedures. Apart from this s/he will be responsible for taking care of and calculating budgets and adjust them as and when required. From booking venues and negotiating fees, to preparing invitations and sending them out well in advance is also the work of the candidate ready to take on the role of event management. S/he will also be required to hire bartenders and wait staff and look into the requests of the guest of honor to take care of the same. S/he will also be responsible for driving attendance to the event and looking into the promotion before the event finally takes place. Considering the company's brand, the event management aspirant will have to do everything to safeguard it or even try to better it.