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Embedded Engineer Opening And Vacancy

For a candidate looking for an Embedded Engineer Job, needs to adept in designing apart from executing software of embedded devices and systems. Added to that the aspirant will have to good at designing as well as developing, coding, testing and debugging system software. The KRA of an embedded software engineer also includes doing analysis and enhancing productivity and efficacy apart from looking into the stability and scalability of system resources. The aspirant will need to look at the various requirements of the organization or the client and take care of all the processes ranging from production to the commercial deployment. Reviewing code and design also forms KPIs of an embedded software engineer. S/he may be called upon to integrate as well as validate new product designs. Supporting software QA and optimizing I/O performance also falls under the purview of the candidate. Taking it forward, the aspirant will also be expected to provide post production support and also assess third party and open source software. A BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering is a must for the candidate as is strong knowledge of C or C++. If the candidate is already familiar with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review, it will definitely add as an advantage for her/him. Strong documentation and writing skills is another pre-requisite for the candidate.