Cooking Jobs

Cooking Opening And Vacancy

Food is a basic necessity for everyone. However, cooking food really well is a skill. There will never be a shortage of cooking jobs in India or anywhere in the world. Restaurants, bars and hotels throughout the country offer cooking job opportunities. There are jobs for chefs, assistant chefs and cooks available in every city and district in the country. Depending on the cuisine, one can find jobs for cooks in a specialty restaurant.

There are no specific educational requirements to attain a cooking job. However, a degree in hotel management is required for a job as a chef in a top hotel, restaurant or cruise ship. Job opportunities for cooks and assistant cooks are available at catering companies and small restaurants. One can also specialize in a particular category of cooking. There are many jobs for bakery chefs, sous chefs, assistant chefs, pastry chefs and dessert chefs at bakeries, hotels and restaurants.

Continental chefs, Mexican chefs, Lebanese chefs, Chinese chefs, Italian chefs and Traditional Indian chefs are in high demand in India. In cities such as Hyderabad, Lucknow and Delhi, Mughlai cooks are in demand.

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