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Content Writing Opening And Vacancy

Are you the one who loves writing or who finds editing and content curation interesting? If yes, then you are a perfect fit for content writing jobs. The whole world revolves around content be it website, letters, campaigns or any form of writing everything needs content for basic understanding, entertainment, education, information etc.

✅ What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a creative field. A content writer is a person who specializes in writing content in a specific language. The potential candidates are required to write content or make copy for various documents, blogs, whitepapers, social media etc. This profession demands a candidate to either work for a single company or with multiple clients.

✅ What kind of traits does one require for a content writing job?

Online Content writing jobs are meant for candidates who have precision, passion, focus and flair as this involves process of planning, researching, writing and editing content for various mediums and platforms. So, to become a content writer, one should know that this profession is not a cakewalk and is extremely dynamic so, those who want to succeed here, should know how to enter the field of content writing. 

So, to start a career in this field here are a few mandatory requirements:

✅ What style of writing is required by organisations?

  • Simple: The content writer should keep in mind to make content that could be understood by the people. An effective content writer elucidates even the most complex concept or theory in a lucid style.
  • Reliable: The content writer has to gain market credibility as people want to read all information that is precisely correct and plagiarism free.
  • Stimulating, Motivating and Persuading: The content writer needs to grip the audience and grasp their attention, for this he should use words using his wisdom and creativity.
  • Tailored: Content needs a personalised effect for people it is designed for. So, it must have the essence of the brand should speak for and speak directly to the audience.
  • Engaging: The target audience engagement is quantifiably measured by the shares, likes and comments on the social media posts. For this to take place the content must be of importance to the readers and worth sharing with their families and groups who have similar interests.


So, to attain this level of content development for online content writing jobs, one should go for relevant education.


✅ What educational qualifications are required for content writing jobs?


Any candidate who wants to start a career as a content writer should pursue one of these qualifications:


  • Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelors in Applied Communications
  • Diploma in Legal Communications
  • Diploma in copywriting
  • Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Masters in Strategic Communications
  • Masters in creative Communications

Education forms the foundation for online writing jobs. It is important for a good content writer to be good with English literature and should also know the format of writing for various categories. A content writer in contemporary scenario is not bound to write articles. Most content writers today, write for video scripts, email newsletters, keynote speeches, social media posts, podcasts, white papers, web-page copies, landing pages, YouTube video description, meta tags and meta descriptions. To make sure that as a writer one is capable to write in different formats, he or she should opt for a relevant course for specific training.

✅ What is the scope of content writing jobs?

The scope of content writing is available in almost all industries in different forms. As every company needs to have a website and internal communication so, here arises the basic need and scope of job for a content writer. The major scope is as follows:

  • Domain Based Writing: There are various domains like influencer writing, luxury content writing, medical content writing, fashion blogging, food blogging, inspirational writing, creative memes websites etc. so all these types are used in companies and to make this work these companies have to hire a content writer based on their skills and knowledge. 
  • Business and Organizational Communication: This is when the companies need content writers majorly for internal communication activities. As communication is used to inform, educate and persuade people it is important to draft error free communication write-ups.
  • Strategic Communication: The coordination and management of external communication for stakeholders is of prime importance for the company hence, it requires professional content writers to draft external communication and maintain a company’s brand in front of stakeholders.
  • Advertising and PR: Content writers plays a major role in advertising and PR of a company as they are the ones who make the content for various campaigns, email marketing, collaterals, guest posts and blogs.  
  • Journalism and Media: Most media companies and agencies rely a lot on content as it is an important for making news reports and delivering scripts. So, this field also has a lot of scope for content writers.
  • Government Jobs: Government jobs require content writers for drafting various types of communications. The candidates that get hired here have a great knowledge of literature demanded as well as they at times have to clear a written examination.  
  • So, keeping this scope in mind let us now discuss the skills that are required for content writer jobs:

✅ What are the skills required for content writing jobs?

  • Reading Comprehension: Understand the written sentences, phrases and paragraphs in work Briefs.
  • Effective Writing: Drafting content effectively in documents taking care of the appropriate guideline and needs of the target audience.
  • Listening: Making a note of what is being said by the manager or person in authority. Displaying complete attention to what other people are saying, taking out time to make clear observation about the points being made and asking appropriate questions.
  • Speaking: Convey the critical information effectively.
  • Critical Thinking: Make relevant judgement from topics, to write appropriately and not beat around the bush. 

Moving on let us discuss the major cities where one may find great opportunities for content writing jobs.

✅ Which are the major cities for content writing jobs?

✅ What is the advantage in taking up freelance content writing jobs?

Content writing jobs are advantageous as these can be taken up on a freelance basis as well, most organizations look forward to hire freelance content writers either permanently or on project basis. In addition to this there are various websites that allow candidates to work on project basis from the comfort of their homes.

✅ What is the future of content writing jobs?

  • Visual Content: Most audiences today prefer to consume visual or video content. So, the contemporary business demands more of videos and infographics. With time it will become mandatory for content writers to have knowledge of video production and storyboarding.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As software intervention has conquered many functions, content writing is no behind. So, to make the content writer more efficient and effective it will be important for them, to have knowledge of various Content Management Systems (CMS) and SEO.

Therefore, to become a content writer it is most important to have a flair of writing and understanding of literature. So, if you are the one looking for such content writer jobs start with a relevant course and make a perfect career in this field.