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Assistant Manager Opening And Vacancy

Waiting to take on the role of an Assistant Manager? There's amazing news for you with immense opportunities just waiting for to be grabbed. The role and responsibilities of an Assistant Manager is usually helping the manager keep a company running well. S/he is supposed to achieve this by taking on some managerial work like providing customer service or overseeing employees' functioning. Supervising and managing the employee is also the KRA of an Assistant Manager. From evaluating the performance of the employees to arranging training and development for the staff and helping employees upskill themselves, it is all under the purview of an Assistant Manager. Handling irate customer or escalated customer queries would also form part of her/his KRA. Authorizing vacations, handling staff queries and taking disciplinary action if the need arises also comes with the designation of the Assistant Manager. Strong interpersonal skills are a must as also the ability to stay calm and lead with a cool head. Also s/he would be required to fill in the shoes of the manager in case s/he is not available. Being able to tackle colleagues, employees as well as clients while at the same time successfully completing projects is a pre-requisite for an Assistant Manager.