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Analyst Job Vacancies

Working as an analyst can be a highly rewarding experience for those who are the right fit for the field. As an area that requires intensive problem-solving skills, analytical skills offer ample scope for career growth and development.

If you are a creative individual with a go-getter attitude and love to be constantly challenged, analytics could be the perfect career path for you! For those already working in analyst jobs, the field provides you multiple opportunities to upgrade your career at regular intervals.

✅ How to get an analyst job?

To qualify for an analyst job, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, mathematics, computer science, economics, or another related field. Since organisations across industries hire for analyst jobs, it is an added advantage if you have a degree that is relevant to the field you are applying for.

Technical computer skills are mandatory for analysts, and you can take courses in information technology, data analytics, calculus, data mining, finance, etc. to strengthen your position as a candidate. 

✅ What are the top skills required for analyst jobs?

Analyst job roles are highly nuanced, and to stay competitive in the contemporary data-driven world, analysts need to constantly upgrade their skills. On the technical front, those in analyst jobs need to be proficient in Structured Query Language (SQL), machine learning, domain knowledge, statistical knowledge, data visualisation, and documentation.

Good communication skills, efficient time management, planning and organising skills, and problem-solving acumen are some non-technical skills that a good analyst is expected to have. 

✅ Which are the top companies for analyst jobs?

Analysts work in organisations across various industries, and there is no dearth of opportunities for a skilled analyst in India. Accenture Analytics, Datalicious, Gramener, Mu Sigma Analytics, Fractal Analytics, Manthan, Convergytics, Crayon Data, and Cartesian Consulting are some of the top companies to look out for if you are seeking analyst jobs. Besides, you can also explore analyst jobs in other top IT and BFSI companies.

✅ Which cities offer the best opportunities for analyst jobs?

With an increasing number of companies adopting data analytics, the scope for business and data analyst jobs is ever-expanding in India. According to an Analytics India Industry Study, some top analytics companies are either based in or have their headquarters in the Delhi NCR region. Some other Indian cities with excellent analyst job opportunities are Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata. 

✅ What are the various career opportunities in analyst jobs?

Those wishing to pursue a career in analytics can choose to venture into business analytics or data analytics, two different but sometimes overlapping fields. A business analyst helps in streamlining and improving the business metrics like marketing operations, revenue generation, forecasting, budgeting, hiring, regulatory and compliance, and related issues of an organisation. A data analyst makes use of specialised data analysis tools and techniques to enable the organisation to make informed decisions. 

✅ What is the salary one can expect in analyst jobs?

On average, data analysts in India earn around ₹4,30,000 per annum, as reported by Payscale.com. Those who are new to analyst jobs can expect to earn around ₹3,43,000 per annum. With experience, their ability to demand higher salaries rises, and someone with three to four years of experience can earn an average total compensation of ₹4,14,000 annually.

An analyst with a decade of experience may get around ₹6,77,000, while those with more experience can easily demand around ₹9,18,000. Those in their late-career with over two decades of experience may earn more than a million rupees. 

✅ What are the various factors that affect the salary in analyst jobs?

As in other jobs, the main factors that affect the salary in analyst jobs are the size of the organisation, prevailing market rates, cost of living, and the current situation of the economy. For those already working in analyst jobs, their experience, skill sets, growth prospects, and performance reviews impact their ability to negotiate a higher salary

✅ Is work from home option available in analyst jobs?

One of the biggest advantages of working in analyst jobs is that you can choose to work from home if needed. In some cases, especially during the initial progress of a new project, you might be required to interact with your colleagues in a face-to-face setting. However, as the work progresses, it might be possible for you to work remotely, provided that you have a proper workstation set up at home. 

✅ What is the career growth one can expect in analyst jobs?

Both business analysts and data analysts have good prospects in the finance, banking, marketing, advertising, e-commerce, pharma, healthcare, travel, and telecom industries. One of the best things about being an analyst is that this path offers considerable flexibility.

Those working in entry-level analyst jobs can delve deeper into the areas that interest them most and work on progressing into higher management positions in the future. After three to five years, you can become a product manager, senior analyst, or consultant. Those with around a decade’s experience could advance to positions of chief operating officer, chief technology officer, or project management office director.

Whether you are a newbie analyst or have been working in analyst jobs for a few years, there are many ways for you to fast-track your career. Work on building your statistical knowledge, data analysis, time management, and communication skills, and stay on the lookout for better career prospects.