"Yuanmeng Star" ?Senior scene editor

5-7 years
11 days ago
Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1 .Use the UE4 engine to independently edit game scene map levels according to planning needs and conceptual design, and carry out landscape construction and atmosphere creation
2. Responsible for scene lighting and post-effects, producing static lighting, and producing lighting and weather effects for each period.
3. Integrate various resources such as terrain, models, special effects, etc. to carry out scene editing work, control and integrate resources such as textures, models, materials, etc., and conduct overall control of the final effect of the scene
4. Cooperating with the program, TA optimizes the efficiency of the scene map to ensure the smooth operation of the game experience
5. Collaborate with planners and programmers on project development to help solve technical problems between art and programs.


1. Familiar with the UE4 engine. Applicants with UE4 project experience are preferred. 5 years or more of ground editing work experience is required
2. Proficient in using the UE4 engine to complete terrain editing work. , can independently complete the level production work such as terrain and landforms, surface materials, scene lighting, vegetation distribution, etc.
3. Solid art skills, excellent scene map shaping capabilities, atmosphere control, lighting and baking light maps, He has rich experience in terrain editing and production, scene special effects atmosphere (such as volumetric light, volumetric fog). According to the shader material of the scene, he configures the corresponding texture types and parameters to produce resources, and adjusts the effects during the ground editing work to accurately express the scene. atmosphere. Have good control over the relationship between levels, plots, and resources
4. Good collaboration and communication skills, proactive, independent problem-solving ability and teamwork spirit.




UE4 engine
scene special effects atmosphere
volumetric fog
relationship between levels
scene map
art skills
volumetric light
static lighting
texture types
scene map shaping
ground editing
shader material
baking light maps
weather effects
terrain editing
atmosphere control
scene lighting
atmosphere creation

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