V2X Perception Algorithm Engineer_ETAS

3-5 years
9 days ago
Job Description

Job Description

1. Responsible for V2X roadside perception in company products and projects Software development of equipment including camera perception algorithm, perception fusion and collision algorithm for related collision scenarios.
2. Responsible for the development of V2X equipment, sensor data collection, equipment calibration, data calculation and other related work including the calibration of internal and external camera parameters.
3. Responsible for algorithm solution research and product implementation, including human and vehicle detection, lane line detection, speed measurement and ranging, general obstacle detection, camera calibration, failure detection, etc.
4. Independent according to development specifications and processes Complete the design, coding, testing and related documentation of the module.


1. Undergraduate Degree or above in computer, software engineering, information technology, electronic engineering, mathematics and other related majors
2. More than three years of experience in hardware equipment development
3. Familiar with multi-sensor fusion calibration algorithms and proficiency in them C, C++, Python programming, familiar with cmake, GDB and other tools
4. Familiar with roadside MEC software and hardware systems
5. Proficient in image detection, tracking, recognition, segmentation, depth estimation and other algorithms One or more of them, and have more than 1 year of project research and development experience in related fields, and have a deep understanding and insight into algorithms
6. Familiar with domestic mainstream C-V2X technology routes and standards
7. Familiar with relevant map data conversion work, and familiar with osm, SD data and high-precision map data
8. Familiar with the principles of LINUX operating system and understanding of the LINUX kernel implementation mechanism
9. Familiar with roadside RSU-related data Interaction




depth estimation
image detection

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