User platform-B-end product launch Manager-Hangzhou

2-3 years
10 days ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for the product design of the external delivery and supply center of the mobile Taobao site, Aiming at the growth of mobile Taobao users, form a supply strategy for off-site delivery, and collaborate with various teams to optimize the overall delivery link and obtain the results of supply delivery 2. Work closely with the operation/algorithm/R&D team to undertake business needs. , you can combine your own advantages to explore external investment supply opportunities and effectively promote the achievement of business goals 3. Through data analysis, clarify user demands in external investment scenarios, form a supply insight strategy that can be productized, and complete business growth. , 1. Have been engaged in the Internet industry for 3 years or more, have more than 2 years of experience in off-site advertising or mechanism strategies, and are familiar with Internet media advertising business models. 2. Sensitive to data and have good data analysis capabilities 3. Need to have Complete product design and implementation experience, with experience in products related to b-end solutions preferred 4. Have good communication skills and be good at coordinating algorithms and operations teams to promote efficient project implementation.



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