Turing Project Product Manager

5 days ago
Job Description

1. Refining requirements, developing product design, and following up Product design and implementation, responsible for solution design and planning in one or more fields such as manufacturing, finance, office, R&D simulation, supply chain, etc. 2. Responsible for front-end and back-end technical design, development, unit testing, etc. of related products or projects , complete other tasks required by the product or project 3. Responsible for risk control, progress control, quality management, and delivery management of the entire project process and life cycle 4. Responsible for related system operation and maintenance work, integrating operation and maintenance resources to ensure stable operation of the system, and Customer service support. 1. Fresh graduates with a doctoral degree, any major, automation, chemical engineering, and computer majors are preferred, with strong sense of responsibility, serious work attitude, and strong ability to withstand stress 2. Have strong communication skills, certain analysis and Ability to solve problems, have good language expression skills and writing skills 3. Have strong sense of teamwork and responsibility, work rigorously and diligently.



Job Source: sinochem.hotjob.cn

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