Tmall Supermarket-Risk Control Senior Product Manager-Hangzhou

3-5 years
3 months ago
Job Description

1. Responsible for supporting supermarket business risk control operations, involving commodities, Merchants and platform risk management, collaborate with upstream and downstream functional teams, promote the implementation of important risk control projects, and achieve a healthy balance between risk control and commercial value 2. Build a complete risk control product system and be responsible for the construction and iteration of e-commerce risk control systems , build a stable and efficient online and offline risk control system 3. Actively pay attention to the dynamics of competitive products in the industry, have a deep understanding of competitive product forms, business frameworks, and product implementation, and continuously optimize their own products. , 1. More than 5 years of product experience, 3 years or more of risk control product experience, familiar with e-commerce risk control operations, content security, and product compliance experience are preferred 2. Strong self-motivation, able to solve problems or determine priority 3. Be able to think strategically and make trade-offs 3. Monitor and analyze product data, and promptly and accurately propose corresponding product planning plans and strategic adjustments 4. Have certain project management capabilities and be able to effectively allocate development resources and grasp Project goals and cycle, quickly promote product iteration.

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