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Tmall Business Unit - Regional Operations Manager - Wuhan

Taotian Group


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3-5 Years
19 days ago
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1. According to the market and channel conditions of the area in charge, introduce new customers in an organized manner to achieve the goal of regional store expansion 2. Responsible for regional store management, through store tiered management, use platform marketing tools and marketing activities to promote store operating results. 3. Combined with the 020 operation model, integrate brand resources to collaborate with stores to implement marketing activities and jointly build channels 4. Analyze market trends and industry outlook, and explore market opportunities by understanding local customers and consumer attributes 1. Bachelor degree or above 2. Familiar with the development direction and trend of the home appliance or home furnishing industry, more than 3 years of work experience in the home appliance or home furnishing industry, those with brand channel management experience are preferred 3. Familiar with the competitive landscape of the home appliance or home furnishing industry, and have a strong ability to coordinate the layout of industry brands and goods 4. Familiar with data processing related tools and data analysis thinking and methods, combined with industry insights, effectively apply the results to discover, analyze and solve business problems, and enhance merchant value and positive experience 5. Able to capture market dynamics, grasp market trends, and explore business opportunities based on the understanding of the industry framework 6. Smart, optimistic, tough, hardworking and down-to-earth, with high requirements for career planning and personal growth
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