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1. Responsible for the home improvement hardware tools industry and KA merchant operations, formulate and implement industry operation plans in combination with platform strategies and industry conditions 2. Analyze industry supply and demand based on online and offline market, category, and consumer development trends, and drive industry supply upgrades and maintain advantages by attracting investment or allowing existing merchants to release new products 3. Gain insights into consumer behavior and changes in industrial belts, discover new market opportunities, and cultivate new opportunity categories 4. Effectively integrate the marketing resources of merchants in view of industry and merchant characteristics, and cooperate with brand universities to carry out integrated marketing/brand category marketing/achieve performance growth 5. According to operational goals, coordinate internal and external resources, realize resource reuse through some projects, and promote the achievement of business goals. ,1. More than 3 years of industry experience in hand tools/power tools/building materials and hardware, and those with certain e-commerce platform/content platform/brand e-commerce experience are preferred. 2. Familiar with the channel brand operation model of the tool industry, can communicate well with merchants, and have strong negotiation skills 3. Understand the development trend of the industrial belt and current problems, and be good at discovering opportunities 3. Have good communication skills, team collaboration skills, positive work attitude, and strong stress resistance. 4. Those who are innovative and tenacious, can not stick to tradition, and have the characteristics of active thinking and breakthrough are preferred
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