Test Process Engineer_CC

4-6 years
11 days ago
Job Description

Job Description

Job Summary

  1. Maintain and update process standardsMaintain and update test standards
  2. Evaluate and analyzing product qualityAssess and analyze product quality
  3. Analysis and optimize test parametersAnalysis and optimize test parameters

Job Responsibilities

Test process/< /strong>Test process:

Test process optimization base on process data monitoring (esp. EOL/Tester)

Based on Existing process parameters optimize the testing process.

EOL programming, pneumatic testing, tightness testing, electrical testing,

Online test programming, pneumatic testing, tightening testing, electrical testing

Test station installation and try-out

Coordinate the installation and debugging of test equipment.

Maintain and keep machine running steadily

Maintain and keep the equipment with stable process capabilities

According to MKS system/EC updated process standard, make change record and inform related people.

Update process standards according to MKS (software used for software version control) and engineering change requirements, keep records and notify relevant personnel in a timely manner.

New product/project introduction specific preparation (test bench and EOL program preparation and parameter setting)

New product project introduction preparation (test bench and EOL program preparation and parameter setting)


Keep close co-operation with TEF people.


Maintain close cooperation with TEF.

Participate in new project planning provide suggestion about manufacturing resource arrangement such as personnel, site, material f low etc. Implement relevant items with manager's confirmation after project started.

Participate in the planning of new projects, make suggestions on the arrangement of personnel, venues, logistics and other resources involved in new projects, and implement relevant matters after confirmation by the supervisor.


Participate in analyzing product quality.

< p>Participate in product quality analysis.

Organize and induct team member make CIP for operation and quality, reduce manufacturing cost, improving quality and satisfying customer's requirements.

The organization guides production personnel to continuously improve work processes and quality. Reduce production costs, improve quality, and meet customer satisfaction requirements.

Create and modify related procedure and working instruction according to quality system requirement.

Organize and write relevant procedures and working instructions according to quality system requirements.


Accept the assignment from section manager.

Accept tasks assigned by the manager in charge.



Bachelor degree in electronic engineering background or related.

Bachelor degree in electronic engineering

Working Experience:

More than 4 experience years in EOL testing area

More than 4 years of experience in production line test bench

Familiar with Pneumatic & Electrical testing theory and programming

Familiar with pneumatic & electric testing theory, program refresh

Familiar with data analytics

Proficient in data analysis methods


Demonstrated decision making.

Have decision-making ability.

Computer literate in Excel, Word, & Power Point.

Familiar with computer and office automation software operations.

Good English communication skill.

Good English communication skill.

Ability to cooperate and coordinate.

Good at cooperation and coordination.

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