Taotian Group-Content Strategy Operation -Hangzhou

3-5 years
12 days ago
Job Description

1. Develop content definition, qualitative and classification standards, and establish content quality Rule standards and identification mechanisms act on content understanding through models, annotations and other means 2. In terms of content supply and distribution strategies, establish a complete closed loop of problem discovery, feature collection, strategy formulation and effect evaluation 3. Analyze user needs, Consumption characteristics and content supply and demand structure, explore content growth points, propose solutions, and promote implementation 4. Based on data analysis and user research, collaborate with multiple departments such as product and technology to optimize content supply, review, and recommendation links to improve operational efficiency , promote product strategy optimization and improve recommendation effects. , 1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or more of strategic operation experience is preferred, able to identify changes in business indicators and trace the causes of changes through business analysis, Kanban monitoring and other means 2. Have excellent data analysis skills, proficient in SQL, and Python Priority will be given to other data analysis tools, strong logical thinking ability, and the ability to structure and analyze problems 3. Be familiar with the consumption characteristics of content products, understand user needs, and have a good understanding of recommendation systems and crowd needs 4. Have an external perspective and pay attention to the industry Dynamics and trends, combined with on-site behavior analysis to determine the development direction of the content author 5. Have a high sense of responsibility and self-motivation, be willing to accept challenges, and be able to maintain good working conditions under greater pressure.



Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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