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Taotian Group-BU Financial Expert-Hangzhou

Taotian Group


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1. Business Operation Financial Support: Responsible for the financial operation support of marketing business, fully and deeply understand the market fee categories, marketing promotions/activities, actively participate in business plan discussions, control risks, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the business from the perspective of financial analysis, including marketing gameplay, commercialization and other plan design, rationality evaluation, contract approval, financial accounting and accounting processing, activity effect review, etc. 2. Financial budget management: In combination with business strategies, plans and goals, formulate the annual financial budget and track and manage it regularly systematically promote cost reduction and efficiency improvement, optimize resource allocation focus on input-output and operational risk control, etc. 3. Financial analysis: Responsible for financial management monthly reports, special financial analysis, etc., to help the business identify problems, control risks, optimize problems, provide financial advice, and achieve business goals. 4. Risk management and process system optimization: Discover problems and risks from different perspectives, promote the formation and implementation of business solutions establish/improve corresponding systems, evaluation models, etc., and continuously improve business efficiency through strong infrastructure, refined management, system process optimization, etc. 1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, more than 3 years of financial experience, marketing and financial experience in well-known enterprises, Internet and e-commerce industry background is preferred 2. Have comprehensive financial expertise and financial management experience, in-depth data processing, analysis, and project management capabilities familiar with the process system of financial management, with financial norms and risk control awareness 3. Have a holistic view, clear thinking logic, strong cross-team communication, organization, and coordination skills, can propose systematic solutions to complex problems and promote implementation across departments, and continuously help the business 4. Be proactive and have strong stress resistance have a strong sense of responsibility and execution have a strong team spirit have a good attitude, strong learning ability, and can quickly adapt to Alibaba's corporate culture and the ever-changing environment 5. CPA/ACCA qualification holders are preferred.
Last Updated: 16-07-2024 06:24:15 AM
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