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Taotian Group-BU Financial Expert-Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

Taotian Group


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5-7 Years
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Job Description

1.Have Internet experience and strong business awareness, deeply understand and be responsible for the strategy and tactics of the supported business, and be able to put forward valuable business judgment opinions 2.Discover problems from data and be able to propose effective solutions, support business decisions, establish general data models, and conduct feasibility analysis and risk assessment on business plans 2.Analyze and review the input-output effects of various business decisions and activities, regularly provide problem feedback to the business side and management, put forward optimization suggestions and promote solutions 3. Able to independently build the financial analysis system of the business segment in charge, including annual budget preparation of business lines, daily business and financial monitoring indicator system, monthly report analysis system, etc., and combine external perspectives to regularly conduct regular or special analysis of business operations and key projects 4. Participate in the design of BU financial-related business processes, be able to independently complete the overall optimization of the supported business and related financial processes, discover and control risk points, establish/improve corresponding systems, promote process systematization, and improve work efficiency 1. Bachelor degree or above, finance-related majors, those with accounting qualifications such as CPA/ACCA/AICPA are preferred 2. More than 5 years of comprehensive financial management experience, with strong comprehensive financial analysis ability, budget management ability, etc., Internet/retail industry experience is preferred 3. Have good business sensitivity, quickly understand and make reasonable judgments, and excellent structured thinking ability, proficient in using Excel, PowerPoint or various tools for financial analysis modeling and infographic presentation 4. Good communication and expression skills, good cross-team cooperation and organizational coordination skills, and able to cope with complex work challenges 5. Strong curiosity about new business, quick learning ability, stress resistance, strong self-drive and meticulous and patient work 6. Data analysis ability is a plus (sql, python)

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