Taotian Group-Advanced Data Analysis Division - Supermarket Business Development Center

3-5 years
14 days ago
Job Description

1. Based on business goals and business models, build a comprehensive , accurate and objective indicator system and monitoring framework. At the same time, based on the business monitoring system, we can clearly gain insight into the overall business situation and locate business problems. 2. Conduct in-depth analysis of business issues through analytical reports or special studies, provide data and analytical support for business decisions such as platform mechanisms, industry strategies, product directions, resource allocation, etc., output operation and management suggestions, and assist in achieving business goals and improving efficiency. 3. Gradually summarize the monitoring system and analysis methods, abstract and refine data product requirements, carry out cross-department cooperation with technology, product and other related teams and promote the implementation of data products. , 1. Bachelor degree or above in statistics, computer, finance, mathematics or related majors, about 3 years of relevant work experience, preference will be given to those with experience in the Internet and e-commerce. 2. Be familiar with the use of data analysis related tools, be able to use SQL proficiently, and be able to independently write and present business data analysis reports. 3. Good logical analysis ability and data sensitivity, able to extract core results from massive data, and timely discover and analyze changes or problems behind the business. 4. Have a deep understanding of business mechanisms and business models, and be able to gain insights into potential business opportunities and find room for growth from a business development perspective. 5. Have outstanding communication and teamwork skills, have certain experience in integrating project resources across teams and departments, and be able to independently promote project implementation.

Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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