Taotian Content E-commerce-Business Risk control strategy expert-Hangzhou (urgent recruitment)

3-5 years
14 days ago
Job Description

1. Build a complete risk control system to protect the rights and interests of anchors, merchants, and consumers, and promote the healthy and prosperous development of the ecosystem 2. Responsible for abnormal live broadcast data and behavioral control. You need to understand the live broadcast industry, timely grasp abnormal dynamics through continuous data insights, data analysis, monitoring and early warning, and proactively identify Potential risks, provide strategies, deploy capabilities, track effects, and conduct continuous design optimization 3. Collaborate with upstream and downstream functional teams to integrate resources to promote the implementation of important projects, balance development and risks, and ensure overall health. , 1. Industry experience: more than 3 years of data analysis and data mining experience, understanding of the live broadcast industry, risk prevention and control, anti-cheating work experience is preferred 2. Data ability: strong data analysis ability and logical thinking ability, able to work in Discover inner connections in complex data and affairs, explore the essential causes of problems and propose solutions 3. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer, mathematics, statistics and other science and engineering fields is preferred 4. Smart and solid, optimistic and positive energy, able to withstand stress Strong, able to proactively promote business implementation and achieve goals through multi-team collaboration.



Job Source: talent.taotian.com

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