Taobao Shopping-Marketing Operations Senior Specialist-Hangzhou

2-4 years
10 days ago
Job Description

, responsible for product investment and basic operations of field events, monitoring event orders Product price power and transaction size of the day 2. Combine with the overall marketing rhythm to schedule and implement investment promotion activities in brand/white label/category/single product areas 3. Design and iterate the event gameplay according to the characteristics of the site, and improve the effect of the event And be responsible for the explosion coefficient of brand/category/white label/single product activities 4. According to the characteristics of the channel, through the optimization of rights and gameplay such as coupons and full discounts, improve user field conversion and refine the field optimization needs in the activity link. Responsible for field cvr, 1. Have 2 years or more of relevant experience in e-commerce operations, merchant operations, TO C, industry category business operations, etc. 2. Have data analysis capabilities or awareness, and have a certain Excel and PPT foundation 3. Have good expression and communication skills, be infectious, and have strong organizational coordination and resource integration abilities 4. Be smart, optimistic, self-motivated, and introspective.



organizational coordination
resource integration
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